Reasons Why Laces & Wedding Gowns Make The Perfect Match

Reasons Why Laces & Wedding Gowns Make The Perfect Match

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Laces never go out style. They are timeless, elegant, and exudes an aura of sophistication into whatever garment they are incorporated. As a bride-to-be, it is most likely that you will be presented a wide array of wedding gown selections for your big day. Deciding what kind of wedding dress will be perfect for you can be quite confusing—that is why a professional’s point of view can be helpful during these times and they can give you an option to incorporate laces on your wedding gown.

Going back in time, laces were already famous. Most bridal dress designs are laced with intricately weaved laces against a panel of sheer fabric to give that alluring and elegant aura for the bride-to-be.

Wedding and evening gowns made of laces are a trend that will definitely not go away even in the near future. It is a classic style that is still preferred by many designers today. However, while it is famous as a material for gowns, the real question is, is it the best material for you?

If you are considering wearing lace for your wedding gown, we have come up with a few reasons to help you decide why you should add some fancy lace to your wedding gown.

It brings out the character of your gown

Laces are whimsical and dreamy. The intricate weaves of textures and designs across it give laces a one of a kind appeal—bringing life and character to an ensemble. It gives some kind of contrasting effect against a gown and saves it from being plain and boring. The nicely crafted lace seen on Z Wedding’s wedding gowns in the Aphrodite collection creates more drama and appeal to a gown and can definitely bring out the best asset of the wearer. It is a dramatic type of material that is perfect for such a big occasion.

Laces are classic

The look laces can give you is timeless. Laces seemed to have cemented its reputation in the bridal world since it is mostly the chosen type of material for dresses. Laces give a vintage and alluring appeal to a gown and create a character that speaks romance. It’s a magical fabric that is loved by bridal shops and is perfect for almost every wedding theme.

It adds an additional punch of elegance

Laces give you cover while still being stylish. The hand sewn line-work of our Aphrodite wedding gowns covers the right places while showing the proper amount of skin, giving a sexy appeal while still looking elegant and sophisticated. Laces tend to make your wedding gown look flirty and playful but still safe if you want to impress your in-laws for looking smart and conservative.

Laces give an impression of class, elegance, and sophistication. Despite women having different body shape and sizes, it is as if you can never go wrong with laces. With just the right placement and bodice structure, you can definitely rock laces on your wedding gown! What more can we say? Laces are so romantic you will be falling in love the moment you put them on.

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