Reasons Why You Should Consider Sleeved Wedding Gowns

Reasons Why You Should Consider Sleeved Wedding Gowns

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Feeling the pressure of choosing the perfect wedding gown? Without a doubt, selecting the best wedding gown for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming with all the available designs being offered to you. Without having a concrete plan in mind, wedding gown selection can be quite time-consuming and confusing, especially when you are not sure about what to get for your wedding dress style.

Among the famous silhouettes and cuts being chosen by most brides in the recent years are sleeved wedding gowns. Apart from it looking sophisticated and elegant, they also shield you from unexpected weather changes with flair.

To further discuss why you should consider a sleeved wedding gown, we have run down a few reasons why you should go for it. Check them out below.

You can mix and match styles

Sleeved wedding gowns do not always have to be all about puffy sleeves and solid fabric material. You can mix and match styles by mixing together different fabrics and silhouettes such as lace, chiffon and silk. You can explore sleeves that are made delicately with some laces attached to a sheer fabric panel to still show some skin without revealing too much. Our wedding gowns from the Aphrodite collection are designed with laced sleeves that look classy, elegant, and sophisticated all at the same time.


Sleeved wedding gowns tend to look more elegant because it gives off an impression of being conservative yet classy. Sleeved gowns leave a mysterious effect and when made with laces, it exudes a more sexy and flirty aura without going overboard.


A sleeved wedding gown is a truly classic pick. Aside from protecting you against cold and heat, it makes your over-all look more put-together and poised. The delicate trimmings adorning your sleeves can add that extra twist of sexiness and class.


While sleeves of wedding gowns tend to look simple, it makes your over-all ensemble look more elegant and with more flair. Most designers may opt to go all out with the designs around the bodice while keeping the sleeves minimal and simple in order to highlight a certain asset or your over-all figure, like lace details on the sleeves of our wedding gown from The Lace Editorial.

Sleeved wedding gowns definitely add a more dramatic impact on the ensemble itself while providing a more comfortable feel to the bride. However, you still need to consider a variety of things when going for a sleeved wedding gown such as the length of the sleeve and its material. Remember, a sleeve stopping in the wrong place can accentuate a flaw more than masking it to reveal a flattering fit. Consult with our wedding gown consultant at Z Wedding to find the perfect wedding gown match for you that will help you highlight your assets to make you feel confident and divine on the day of your wedding.

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