“This is what we really want, simplicity and very natural”

“This is what we really want, simplicity and very natural”

For a couple that was looking for solutions to their bridal preparations, Su Jong and Shu Hui liked the idea of having a one-stop place to choose their wedding gowns and photography all together at one place with Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Contrary to what they were offered before, the couple had a very pleasurable first encounter with Z Wedding. “My first experience of coming into (Z Wedding made me feel that) this is a very soothing environment and the bridal boutique is very comfortable.” As Su Jong has experienced, our wedding boutique has been built to extend comfort, luxury and bliss to every couple that walks into our studio.

Instead of sugar-coated words, Shu Hui appreciated candidness more and this was what she received from our consultant, who was very straightforward with them about what Z Wedding and Chris Ling can offer them. They got a chance to look at the portfolio of our teams and was glad to find that the photography and wedding gown styles were perfect to their liking. For Shu Hui especially, the evening gown designs she saw played a big role in her decision to choose Z Wedding. “We see the albums and the gowns were what we wanted, simplicity and very natural, unlike other bridal boutiques which may be a bit (over-the-top)”. Our wedding and evening gowns are proudly designed by our in-house designers, who only have a goal in mind; to accentuate the most beautiful features of every bride that puts on Z Wedding gowns.

Su Jong recounted with a smile about how prior to any further discussions, his bride actually asked their consultant if there would be any wedding gowns for her size. Of course, Shu Hui, as with any other brides, can be assured that at Z Wedding, we will always have gowns for you regardless of your size. Everyone has different body types, and as professional designers, we completely embrace that fact. Anyone can look gorgeous in the right gown!

The couple had a pleasant experience with their gown consultant, whom they described as “very bright and cheerful” and were very happy about the professionalism she portrayed in her skills. Shu Hui commended that “She makes very good gown selections for us, especially my size. So she knows what fits me the most. Therefore during my gown selection, I think I just probably took an hour and I selected everything”. Su Jong agreed, expressing his views about how their gown consultant was “very professional, she’s very good in selecting colours itself, the matching of the colours. So I quite like the colours that she chose for her gowns”.

The couple was thoroughly impressed with their makeup artist, who did Shu Hui’s makeup for both her ROM and pre-wedding photo shoot. Her makeup was natural and very beautiful, especially for her ROM where it was the first time both Su Jong and Shu Hui got to see the style of their makeup artist. The bride and groom happily reminisced how Su Jong got a shock at the first sight of Shu Hui at the ROM when she got out of the car. Shu Hui playfully teased that her husband did not know his wife can be this pretty as well! “Compliments for her makeup skills, very professional, very nice and all the different hairdos that she did for me, all different styles in the photo shoot”. Both of them were very satisfied with her work.

As for their pre wedding photoshoot, the couple had a fun time with their photographer. “Admire his photography skills, he is really very fast, he can capture any moment”. Su Jong praised his photographer to be a very funny guy and was amazed by his skills. In the end, their wedding photos turned out perfectly as what they wanted and were thankful to get help from their photo consultant, who “maintained her (professionalism), she did not really hard sell” their photos. It was a process they truly enjoyed. Shu Hui was also thankful towards the team at Chris Ling for coming up with layouts for their photo album beforehand to make the selection process an extremely easy one.

Owing to their lovely experience, the couple advocates that for “All of you all, if you are considering which bridal boutique to select or which photography, you should come to Z Wedding and Chris Ling. This is the best choice ever”. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.