Plus Size Beauty: Guide to Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Plus Size Beauty: Guide to Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns, much like our bodies, come in different various shapes, sizes, and silhouettes. Finding the perfect bridal gown depends heavily on trial and error before finding one that best fits your body and style. Many women find shopping for their bridal gowns stressful and overwhelming especially with the ton of options offered right at their fingertips.

In today’s society, everyone is subjected to social norms and expectations, but we should not have to totally conform to them. No one should stop someone from wearing something they love and want as long as they feel confident in it. As plus size brides, we understand that it can feel a bit daunting going to various bridal shops and bridal gown rentals in singapore and seeing an assortment of gowns in sizes almost down to zero.

As we want you to stay beautiful and positive when it comes to your body, we have come up with a guide to help you choose your dream wedding dress regardless of your shape and size!

Check them out below:

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
While you may feel more confident in wearing clothes that almost hide your assets and beautiful silhouette, it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous when choosing your wedding gown. Do not settle on wearing the same old style and design just because you are used to them and feel comfortable with them. Z Wedding offers many wedding gown collections, such as their Venus or Aphrodite collections, and it would be a huge waste to simply stick with a certain style. You only want to look at your best for the wedding, so trying on a new design or two can significantly improve your mood and confidence!

Find A Specialist
To ensure that you are getting the most out of your bridal gown hunt, request a specialist that is confident and well versed in dealing with plus-sized brides and their concerns. Chances are, specialists who are knowledgeable enough with regards to your concerns will know what fits you best and what will not work for you. Take his or her ideas into consideration and find yourself admiring your new, customised wedding gown!

Your Comfort Is Important
Sure, you want to wear something different and more of your style, but remember, you should prioritise comfort above everything as weddings are tiring and feel like your own marathon. Select a silhouette and design that will allow you to move without restrictions and is breathable enough to make you feel comfortable during the entire ceremony and after party.

Bye, Sizes!
Do not, we repeat, DO NOT make the sizing a big deal. Brands tend to use sizes just to differentiate garments and haute coutures may trick you with them. If the gown you want fits and you feel comfortable in it, definitely get that gown and go on to the next phase of your wedding planning.

Be Confident
Nothing is sexier than a woman who is confident in her own skin and body. It is the most powerful and most breathtaking outfit a woman could ever wear. Believe in yourself that you are going to look good no matter what and it is your day so smile and celebrate as you embark on a new journey of your life with your greatest love!

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