“This place is like family”

“This place is like family”

Z Wedding had the privilege to work with Kian Chong and Serene for their wedding preparations as they embarked on their marital journey. As with other couples, Kian Chong and Serene were initially apprehensive about putting their money down for the deposit as Z Wedding was the first boutique they got in contact with and they had not made any comparisons with other boutiques. All their fears about getting the short end of the stick were, thankfully, dismissed when they came down to our studio and met our consultants.

At our studio, everyone loves what they are doing and this dynamism has not only influenced the people working in Z Wedding but our brides and grooms as well. “Even though they weren’t our consultants after that, they still said hi, which is very cool because it’s like this place is like family.” Serene felt comforted by how everyone in the studio was friendly to each other, regardless of whether you were their client or not. The warmth the couple received also left an impression on Kian Chong, who was surprised when our consultant still remembered who he was when he called the studio to make arrangements for the wedding gown a year after they last made contact.

Our sincerity in helping the couple create a warm experience with us was well received and appreciated, be it in the patience during the gown selection process or the professionalism displayed by Chris Ling’s team of photographers. No wind blowing during your outdoor shoot? No worries, our team’s got it covered. The couple was very amused by how our photographers took it upon themselves to throw Serene’s gown and veil to create a wind effect when there was no wind present. Our team was experienced enough to experiment and play around with ideas to produce the best effect for their photoshoot, something that left a deep impression on Kian Chong. “He doesn’t just stick to what he is told to do, he does beyond what he is contracted to do.” Their photoshoot experience was a whole new experience for them.

The candidness of our consultant also appealed to them when it came to the photo selection. Our consultant is trained and experienced in identifying which photos make the cut and this made Kian Chong and Serene’s photo selection a much quicker process. They were thankful that she was able to evaluate the photos from their perspective and ensured that they picked their preferred shots in comfort.

We are thankful for the affirmations and confidence that Kian Chong and Serene have in our services and consultants. These are the little things that fuels our drive to work harder for our brides and grooms, and we are excited to create more beautiful memories here with you!