When Roy and Zen first went around visiting to the various bridal boutiques of Singapore, they had stumbled upon Z Wedding. The couple found that the bridal boutique showcased pretty good pictures, and the sales team were not pushy as other places might tend to be. This was the gateway into how Roy and Zen embarked on their journey to make their wedding dream come true.

During the choosing of wedding gowns, Zen was extremely grateful for the gown consultant, who had been very helpful to take out a gown that she had wished to try on. Even though the gown might not look flattering or perfect for her specific body shape, Zen was glad that she could try on whatever gowns she felt like trying, until her decisions were made final. In addition, she was very impressed by her makeup artist’s skills. As she was born with single eyelids, Zen asked her makeup artist to make those single eyelids into double eyelids. And the makeup artist did deliver, surprising the bride to be with how natural her double eyelids looked.

During their pre-wedding photo shoot, Roy and Zen felt that their photographer was a very fun person to be with, helping to cue them on how to pose and how to act natural. In a similar way, their coordinator had such a bubbly character that both of them were made to feel at home, and being taken care by a big sister. The couple felt very reassured to have their photo shoots with Chris Ling International Photographers. After comparing the photos displayed by other bridal boutiques, Roy and Zen found that their photos turned out very impressive. There was a storyline to the photos, instead of just posing. According to the couple, the flow of the story plotted out the timeline of when the two of them had first started dating, to the time when they both got together into a relationship, and then flowed to them getting ready for marriage. For that, both of them were highly satisfied of how both the gowns and photos all went out well, and was according to what they wanted.

In terms of budgets, Roy and Zen believe that it was well within consideration. The couple felt that however, the most important factor was not about budget, but about having to pay for quality. And with Z Wedding’s collaboration with Chris Ling, they strongly believed that the quality was worth every penny spent. To other couples out there, Roy and Zen would highly recommended them to check out and consider Z Wedding when they are searching for bridal boutiques.

At Z Wedding, we are very happy and honoured to have been alongside Roy and Zen in seeing their wedding come to fruit. Our team of experienced professionals constantly strive to cater to the needs of every couple that walks through our doors. We are dedicated to making every wedding day a memorable experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.