What actually amazed the couple, Xian Yao and Joyce, was the kind of candid shots that the bridal shop at Z Wedding focused on. Joyce found herself being attracted to how the photos appeared not overly edited, nor were the subjects overly posed. The pictures seemed very natural and the photographer never failed to capture the moments of such happiness.

Xian Yao and Joyce were really pleased with the service provided by Z Wedding. During the whole process, the couple was very satisfied with their coordinator because he was very patient with them. “Overall, he was really a great guy to work with.” In addition, Joyce was really impressed with her makeup artist because she felt that she was very versatile. After sending screenshots and pictures of what she had in mind, including the hairstyle that she preferred, the makeup artist was able to do them up to meet Joyce’s expectations. During the experience of selecting the wedding gown, the gown consultant had helped to choose dresses based on her figure and size. Not only did she chose the most appropriate gowns for Joyce, the consultant also felt very approachable and personable.

Xian Yao remarked that the overall service offered by Z Wedding was really very impressive. Every single person in the company had advised them accordingly and guided them throughout the process. Given that they were both very unsure on what to look out for and what to take note of, Joyce and Xian Yao found this quality of service extremely helpful.

The couple’s photographer was a very meticulous person, who guided them during the photo shoot on how to pose, where to put their hands, and how to stand at the proper posture. Joyce noted how the photographer took pride in his work and was kind of humorous, able to make them feel at ease during the whole pre wedding photo shoot. He made jokes so that they would smile naturally and feel less awkward. On the whole, the couple were very satisfied with the quality of work.

Even during the photo selection process, they had help from the very patient consultant. As both of them were very indecisive people, Xian Yao and Joyce took a long time to choose the photos. However, the consultant was very patient, and even guided them and gave some advice. She taught them to consider details such as the layout, which photo settings to use and how certain sets do not complement one another. At the end of the day, the couple had put together a very beautiful album that they were both very satisfied with.

To the couple, Z Wedding had provided them with very top-notch quality in terms of services, describing the standards as “relatively outstanding compared to the rest”. Joyce and Xian Yao highly recommend Z Wedding to all those out there who have not signed up for any package. “[We are] always very reassured by the service provided by this bridal shop.” Choose Z Wedding because you love her.