Our Favorite 2018 Wedding Trends and Predictions for 2019

Our Favorite 2018 Wedding Trends and Predictions for 2019

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It has been nothing but short of eventful when it comes to weddings in 2018. Without a doubt, weddings are a quintessential part of every woman’s life, and who wants their ceremony to be nothing less than perfect? Before the year draws to a close, we list some of our favorite wedding trends of the year that we hope to see going into 2019, and provide a few guesses of our own for the year ahead so that you don’t have to.

2018 Wedding Trend – Creativity is Key  

More and more weddings are seeing the need to be more creative, from the décor, invitational cards, flower arrangements to food. For example, couples are thinking out of the box in terms of creating edible place cards such as macarons that have the names of guests printed on them. Adding personal touches such as clever directional signages and blending potted plants and flower arrangements seamlessly together with the furniture of the venue are also common. Consider custom-painting your invites or experimenting around with materials such as felt or pop-up cards, or customizing gift boxes for your bridesmaids.

2018 Wedding Trend – Bolder is Better

2018 saw a big comeback for colour, where bold and rich pigments such as purple and ultraviolet are extremely popular. Couples are going the non-traditional route and expressing their personalities, whether it be bright pink, sky blue, tangy orange or lemon yellow. Whether or not you decide to go pastel or bold, our evening collections are complete with a wide range of colours for you to choose from, such as the ones seen in our Stone & Willow collection. If we are right, we expect this trend to continue on strongly in Singapore moving into 2019, with bridal dresses offering deep rich colors such as burgundy, navy and forest greens to take centre-stage.

2018 Wedding Trend – Keeping it Small  

Weddings are no longer all about the intimacy between couples but also between your guests as well. An increasing number of couples have been decreasing their guests count in order to provide for a more personalized and cosy setting that will not normally happen with a long guest list.

2019 Prediction – Bye Buffets, Hello Sharing Platters

Long gone are the days of buffets at wedding receptions with the same old food – couples will now opt for their favourite cuisines and cocktails and put their own spin on it. Think of tacos, sushi rolls, smoothie stations, pizza and dessert bars. With a smaller guest count, the opportunity to experiment and customize the menu for your guests makes for a whole other experience.

2019 Prediction – More Interaction

Couples will be looking to incorporate more interactive stations around the wedding venue for guests to move around, mingle and have fun throughout the night. Entertainment such as a live band, DJ, mixing bar or tarot card reading can be a total gamechanger when it comes to weddings in 2019. 

2019 Prediction – It’s All About The Sleeves

Last but not least, our final prediction involves the comeback of sleeves – even in Singapore’s tropical weather. With the new Duchess of Sussex walking down the aisle in her stunning Givenchy dress earlier this year, many brides are looking to go for a simpler dress with less frills and lacework. Being Singapore’s largest bridal shop,  you will no doubt be able to find a dress that is not only fit for royalty, but also be treated like royalty all at the same time.