With Z Wedding, Loing Yew and Si Yu believed that the bridal boutique had very good teamwork within the team of staff members. “At every stage, there is a person in charge of you.” Whenever Loing Yew and Si Yu had a question or a query, they knew who they could go to. This made the couple’s experience in working with one of the top and leading bridal services provider in Singapore, ultimately one that was efficient, smooth-sailing and filled with positive memories.

Si Yu remembered how she would come back to the bridal boutique for a lot of times, during the process of selecting her wedding gowns. Despite all those times, her gown consultant always welcomed her with a smile. Amidst all the undecided decisions Si Yu had to make, which ended up in giving her a headache, the gown consultant seemed to know what she liked and ended up becoming a reliable party in which Si Yu could ask her for an opinion. Likewise, Si Yu felt very comfortable when working with her makeup artist. She had sent the makeup artist references and photos of how she wanted her makeup and hair to be done. In response, the makeup artist gave her good suggestions such as to cut her hair way before the wedding photo shoot so that Si Yu could achieve the hairstyle and look she wanted the most.

During the pre-wedding photoshoot process, Loing Yew and Si Yu admitted that it was difficult for a couple to just pose and have an inkling of knowing what to do and where to look. Fortunately, they had a photographer who was able to help them go along with the flow throughout the photo shoot session. As a result, the two of them did not feel so tensed up and their photos turned out to be very amazing. Then came the photo selection stage where they had to put together the photo album for their wedding day. As the couple came in with a budget in mind, they were able to enrol the help of Z Wedding’s photo consultant to select the best photos out of the batch.

With regards to the collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling, Loing Yew and Si Yu felt that the package deal was highly attractive given that everything was done in-house. Everything was tailored to meet the needs of the couple. When it comes to recommendations, Loing Yew and Si Yu have only one choice and that is, “Z Wedding and Chris Ling! Thumbs up!”

At Z Wedding, we are very happy to hear that Loing Yew and Si Yu were able to accomplish what they had set out to achieve for their wedding journey. For every other couple that steps foot into our bridal boutique, our team of professionals and employees are dedicated and committed in providing quality services and consultations so that couples will be able to have their needs and desires fulfilled. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.