“They are a one stop shop, they have everything”

“They are a one stop shop, they have everything”

Zenn and Jernice began their journey with us one year prior to their wedding. In the time from their sign up to their marriage, Jernice witnessed the seasonal launch of many new bridal gowns and her interest was constantly piqued by what she saw. “There is no short of gowns ever in Z Wedding so I think that’s very assuring.” The excitement of constantly having new choices of gowns gave her confidence in the gown selection in Z Wedding.

For Zenn, his confidence in Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography was secured by the portfolio he saw of our bridal studio. “The first assurance is that it was well done with somebody else so I believe the team that was behind the production of the album and the pictures had a certain level of expertise and knowledge to create that.” Seeing is believing!

Jernice was initially apprehensive when she first saw the album samples as she thought the photos only looked good because the photography team only picked very good looking people for the sample album. Thankfully, her opinions changed after more album viewings and her own experience with the team. “Chris Ling is able to bring out the best in people”. She was very content with how she looked in the photos and that gave her assurance of the capabilities of our team.

When it comes to your photo shoot, the couple has a little tip for you – “Please bring as much of your own customised, unique items that are like shared memories between you and your other half”. The couple was delighted with the personal touch they could add to their wedding shoot. To them, the photos were something that belonged to them both only, where no one else in the world has them and that made it very special for them.

What completed the experience for Zenn and Jernice was the interaction and guidance they received from the team. To them, the most important parts of their experience were the people constantly in contact with them, the handling of every step and the professional approach that they saw in the whole process. “They are a one stop shop, they have everything”. Jernice advocated that Z Wedding is the boutique with everything a couple needs for their bridal services.

For Zenn, he thought that the collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography made up a good solution for all brides and grooms-to-be who did not want to compromise on any aspects of their preparations. The chemistry we have built over the years between our bridal boutique and photography team promises a rewarding experience for every couple we serve. Thank you, Zenn and Jernice for being part of this magical experience with us!