“One Phone Call Away”

“One Phone Call Away”

Having first heard about Z Wedding from Evon’s colleague, Benjamin and Evon went in already knowing that the rates at Z Wedding would be a bit more expensive than usual. As Evon really liked the gowns presented at the bridal boutique, the couple was very happy with their choice to stick to Z Wedding.

As the couple had done other photo shoots before, they felt that there was a difference between Chris Ling International Photographers and other photography studios. Although they were just smiling during the picture-taking process for their pre-wedding photo shoot, Evon and Benjamin found that their photos turned out to be really good. “On the whole, Chris Ling photographers are all very professional.”

During the process of choosing their pictures to go into the wedding album, they deeply appreciated the help and advice provided by their consultant. The consultant helped Benjamin and Evon to see that there was a story behind every set of photos. “We really like the feel and I think it captures our emotions very well.”

Evon was extremely grateful for the services of their makeup artist, who had everything planned out to the tiniest detail, allowing her to be freed from the worries of having to think about her looks. “He thought about how to match my hair, my makeup with whatever gowns that I have chosen.” For Evon, it was an assuring experience, knowing that she was in professional hands and all that she had to do was just show up. Even her accessories were all provided and styled by the makeup artist. Chiming in, Benjamin felt that even for the guys, the makeup artist performed a great job. At the point in time, Benjamin happened to have long hair and the makeup artist was able to create different hairstyles. “When my family saw the pictures right, they thought: ‘Who is this young man?’”

On the actual day of their wedding shoot, the couple felt tired at various points throughout the event. Despite the fact that both of them knew nothing about poses, their photographer made the entire process smooth and fun. Describing their photographer as “dramatic” in between giggles, Evon and Benjamin felt that his high energy and funny personality was able to cheer them up and make them feel happy. Just from their smiling faces as Evon and Benjamin narrated the wedding shoot experience, we can tell that they had an enjoyable time working with the photographer.

Giving advice to future couples, this was what Evon had to say: “If you want a fuss-free experience for your entire wedding process, then you must choose Z Wedding and Chris Ling.” The bride and groom felt that their entire journey with Z Wedding was smooth and that the people working here were helpful so much so that they did not have to worry about anything. “They are just one phone call away. I can just call and ask for help and they will be able to answer my questions.”

At Z Wedding, our bridal boutique aims to make dream weddings come true for couples. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.