Stanley Ta and Joyce Tan first discovered of the name Z Wedding through their attendance at the BOWS (Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show) wedding fair. Comparing the bridal studio with other bridal shops that the couple had seen while they were walking around that day, Stanley and Joyce felt that the service offered by Z Wedding was one of the best. What impressed the couple and ultimately influenced their decision were the wedding gowns and photos displayed. After seeing how the photography style was distinctively different from all the other bridal shops, “we were pretty much sold directly on the spot”.

From the choosing of gowns to their photo-shoot with the photographer, the couple aptly described their experience as “nothing short of amazing”. Awestruck by the skills of the makeup artist that followed Joyce, Stanley exclaimed that the artist was amazing and marvellous. “My wife looked so different!”

Regretting nothing at all from their experience working with Z Wedding, the couple were deeply appreciative of the patience that was shown to them. They were very grateful for having a patient consultant who gave them company throughout the process and the dealing of nitty gritty details. Without their consultant, both Stanley and Joyce admit that they would be very lost without someone to guide them through all the steps and the procedures. In addition, their consultant used her experience and knowledge in the field to provide suggestions of what gown best suits the bride. She brought suitable gowns for Joyce to try on, and the couple found themselves having a hard time choosing the gowns, as they loved them all.

For their photo selection process, the couple initially expected to spend five to six hours going through the bits and pieces just to put their wedding album together, especially since they were amateurs to the process and did not know how to look at the bigger picture. To their greatest assurance, the team at Z Wedding laid all their worries to rest and guided them to where they should be looking at and how they should be picking their photos. From their pleasant experience with Z Wedding, Joyce and Stanley learnt a lot of valuable knowledge, such as selecting photos in a way where it is not just a single photo that looks good.

Speaking on the combination between Chris Ling and Z Wedding, the couple felt that the collaboration was good and worth the price that was being quoted. They felt the professionalism in the way the staff at Z Wedding and Chris Ling worked together to deliver an end product that will satisfy the couple. The couple highly recommends other brides and grooms to be to focus their eye on Z Wedding and Chris Ling. As Stanley profoundly declares, he will “definitely pay” for the “premium” service because he “loves [his wife]”. At Z Wedding, we are consistently dedicated to offering the best bridal services in Singapore and giving every couple the best wedding they can possibly get. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.