“Not to worry, you have everything in good hands”

“Not to worry, you have everything in good hands”

Like many couples who are getting married for the first time, Jeremy and Maureen were worried since they did not know what to expect or what they should be expecting. Their concerns were allayed when they found out that Z Wedding actually prepare a comprehensive list of things every couple needs for their bridal preparations. Maureen was happy to find that the wedding and evening gowns at Z Wedding were very much unique compared to the rest of the bridal boutique in Singapore. “We had apparently some problems because there’s too many nice gowns to pick from”. The pair were not the only ones impressed by our wedding gowns. Maureen shared that “most of our wedding guests actually commented the gowns are really very nice, and said that they are really very unique”.

Jeremy complimented that “the studio itself is amazing”, and his bride sang the same sentiments. “We were impressed, there’s like 30 over themes… We were like stunned”. Maureen was surprised by how there were so many scenes right behind the wall of each setting and were different from each other. When they received their photos, they thought the photos looked very impressive and even thought that they did not look like it was taken in Singapore.

Jeremy had more to say about their outdoor wedding photo shoot. “The photographers really know how to work with what they have and what they can find on site on locations”. His experience allowed him to see for himself the professionalism of the Chris Ling International Photographers, whom he thought were very creative. Maureen also agreed that their actual day wedding photographer was very good at what he does.

Through their experience, the couple shared their delight of Z Wedding and Chris Ling’s collaboration. “When a couple is planning for a wedding, it is really very stressful, so having Chris Ling and Z Wedding coming together under one roof, we don’t have to worry about after we pick, we have to go and look for my photographer then after that I have to look for my videographer or so on and so forth”. The couple believed that because everything is under one stop at Z Wedding, they could have everything in order. Maureen thought that since both entities were able to work on their own hand in hand, it was especially convenient for them and other wedding couples as well.

The couple applauded both Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers for providing fantastic services. In their opinion, the photographers were good, their wedding photographs were nice, the wedding gowns Maureen had were fantastic and the consultants at Z Wedding were all friendly and experienced. “Not to worry, you have everything in good hands.” Maureen was an advocate for us. She advised future couples to “save yourself some troubles, reduce yourself some stress. Z Wedding will help you in almost half of all your wedding planning. They will settle most of the problems for you, you can just go straight to them.”

With the experience we have garnered over the years that is coupled along with the skills of our trained professionals, our team here at Z Wedding are very confident of delivering a seamless experience for you and will always give nothing but the best for every couple. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.