Before Z Wedding, Ke Loo and Serene have been looking into a lot of areas but what really captured their attention were the collections of wedding dress. As it is a once in a lifetime experience, the feeling of wearing the chosen wedding gown is extremely important and something that is deeply intuitive and personal. Even though he was not wearing it, Ke Loo could feel that significance of the wedding gown, just from seeing that feeling from Serene’s eyes as she wears on the wedding gown. That feeling was so significant such that the couple believes that the selection of wedding gowns at any bridal boutique is very crucial.

Throughout their gown selection process, the couple had kept going to and fro between various dresses, and the gown consultant at Z Wedding stayed with utmost patience by their side. Serene had a tough time deciding which wedding gown to go with for not only were they all very nice, she also loved all the gowns that she had tried on. In addition, Ke Loo and Serene had both indoors and outdoors pre-wedding shoots, of which they thoroughly enjoyed being the photographer. Their photographer gave them a lot of ideas on angles and created a very adventurous experience for them within their wedding photoshoots.

During their outdoor shoot, Ke Loo and Serene were absolutely grateful for the presence of Amber who had assisted and accompanied the couple wherever they went. Fondly describing her as a nanny, Ke Loo and Serene had their outfits and appearances taken care of throughout the outdoor shot by her. Especially when there was one moment during their shoot where Serene was riding on a bicycle, and Amber helped to carry the dress from the back. After their amazing outdoors wedding shoot, both of them felt that it was a must for every couple to have an outdoors shoot as part of their wedding photography package. Their photos and the layout were fantastically done by the studio collaboration between Chris Ling and Z Wedding.

For the girls, Serene advised them not to think so much they are going to spend, because, she says,  “at the end of the day, you just enjoy the process”. On the other hand, Ke Loo encourages the gentlemen to definitely consider Z Wedding as the money being spent is not just for the photos, but also for the memories. He further joked that he could feel the bleeding from his wallet from all the things that his wife to be loved. On top of that, the couple highly recommends Z Wedding because “no other bridal studio [would] teach you how to walk down the aisle for your wedding march”. As it is a once in a lifetime experience, they believe that all the money and investment will be worth it.

We are very thankful to hear such praise from Serene and Ke Loo. At Z Wedding, we are dedicated to making every couple’s dream wedding come true. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.