Night Before Your Wedding Day? Here’s Your Checklist!

Night Before Your Wedding Day? Here’s Your Checklist!

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After months of preparations, mixed emotions and hard work, the most important day of your life is happening tomorrow! You are surely excited and you may not even be able to have a good night sleep. However, before anything else, you need to do one last check on everything. No bride would want a disaster on their once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. With that, here’s a checklist of things you need to look out.

#1: Check Your Wedding Planner

If you engaged a wedding planner, take time and call him or her to ensure everything is in order. You can ask her anything that is bothering you and you can expect great assurance. You are bound to have some pre-wedding jitters and that is perfectly fine. Seek some comfort and advice from the experienced and you will be great!

#2: Your Evening Gown

Try on your wedding and evening dress one last time before the actual day to ensure everything is intact and that you are aware of how to put it on properly. Should any issues arise, you should contact your evening dress rental boutique immediately. Check the design and details of the evening gown and ensure that there are no holes or problems on it. Just seeing the wedding gowns will make you more excited than ever!

#3: Discussion with the Photographer

Ensure that your plans with your wedding photographer are all laid out. For weddings that last for the whole day, it is important for the photographer to understand the whole timeline so that he or she can be there at the right time to capture the right moments. You have to point out the different important things you want to be captured and let them know that you trust them on this. Just like what others say, in the end, it is not the food that you are going to look back on this precious day, it is the photos and videos.

#4: Prepare Emergency Kit

You wouldn’t know what is going to happen and should always prepare for the worst. You can consider having an emergency kit that can help you, your guests and any other members of the family in case there are accidents or problems that happen to them.

#5: Talk with Your Partner

Ultimately, the wedding is for both you and your partner. Talk to each other and calm each other’s nerves, the moment is for both of you to indulge in.

Don’t panic on the last night of being single! Have a talk with your girls or even spend time with your mother and sisters, it will be worth it.