“Very Nice Gowns, Very Good Service”

“Very Nice Gowns, Very Good Service”

As the saying goes, first impressions count! We are thankful to hear that the first impression Eugene and Rachel had of Z Wedding was a good one. From the start, everything they saw and experienced was to their liking. The “very nice gowns, very good service” from our team were something that Rachel was drawn to, and Eugene shared the same sentiments. To him, the staff were all very accommodating and was well satisfied that the staff took time to explain everything to them. They received proper and candid guidance on what was suitable for them, what they should look for in a wedding gown and most importantly, how to put together a set of wedding gowns to make a perfect photo album. He commended that “from different stages, each and every one of the staff who attended to us were very competent”. Most importantly, he and his wife were always served by the team with a smile and that made a big difference to their bridal experience.

The gown selection process was a lovely experience for the couple as well. The professionalism of Rachel’s gown consultant proved to her that she was in good hands. “She is very helpful, very professional, she was able to give me very useful advice on what kind of gowns would suit me, and what wouldn’t suit me.” When Rachel approached the boutique with an ideal gown in mind, her gown consultant was able to accurately seek out that dress for her. The cheerful disposition of their gown consultant also made the process a very light-hearted and enjoyable one for Eugene and Rachel.

Similarly, the skills of the makeup artist did not disappoint the couple. She could deliver the best look for them without overdoing it. The bride and groom both acknowledged that their makeup artist was very good at what she does and her attentiveness and meticulousness were very praiseworthy. Eugene observed that “She is very confident in what she does as a makeup artist” and this in turn, gave the couple confidence and trust in her work.

Their pre wedding photographer was both a good-humoured and capable person. Rachel voiced her opinion that “Even though we had specific requests for photos, he was able to deliver. We really like the photos that he has taken for us.” The couple had joy working with the whole team at Z Wedding, including their photo consultant whom they thought had a good eye for what photos would work for their album.

“We came in with high expectations of Z Wedding, and Z Wedding has met our expectations, they have delivered and we are very pleased.” Our team will always strive to exceed each couple’s expectations and deliver the loveliest experience to your wedding journey!