Before the couple had even entered Z Wedding, Ling Jun and Ivy had actually went down to a few wedding fairs. They were a little bit impressed but ultimately felt that there was something lacking in the bridal studios they had seen. On the other hand, with Z Wedding, they felt that the service was totally different. Ivy had already known about Z Wedding from when her friends had gotten married. One of her friends had told her, “This is really like a nice bridal studio that you have to take a look because the gowns are very nice.” Ever since then, she had been following Z Wedding gowns for a few years and liked that they always have new collections to peruse through.

The first person both of them had met was the gown designer. The couple felt that not only did he know his stuffs well, the designer also knew what they really needed. Moreover, the gowns at Z Wedding came with a personal touch and were very different from the gowns they had viewed in other bridal boutiques. This was different from the rest of the bridal studios, as Ling Jun and Ivy felt that those studios were more concerned with sales and trying to push a lot of things towards their customers.  Aside from the wedding gowns, both of them felt that the photos were very different from other bridal studios in terms of the feel of the pictures as well as the style and the layout. While other bridal studios tend to be very focused on a picture by picture approach and how many pictures will go into the photo album, Ling Jun and Ivy found that the concept at Z Wedding is very much different on that front. “They want to make sure that you have a story flowing and they do not count photo by photo in absolute numbers.”

Ivy really liked her makeup artist and the way her makeup was done during the pre-wedding photoshoot which was why she booked the same makeup artist for the actual day of the wedding. “I was very excited to see how I was going to look like.” Moreover, their photographer was really funny during their photoshoot and empowered them to bring out their real personalities. Coupled with a good eye for perspective, the couple felt that their real emotions were very well captured on camera. They were utterly thankful for the assistance provided by the makeup artist who not only touched up their makeup but also helped them to carry around their props and luggage for the photoshoot. Ling Jun and Ivy also shared that they were actually running a little late at the end. However, their photographer was very willing to stay for a little extra time just to make sure that all the couple’s moments were shot. For that, the couple was very happy.

Ivy and Ling Jun highly recommend the collaboration with Z Wedding and Chris Ling. “Z Wedding provides beautiful gowns and Chris Ling provides awesome photography. You need to have these two to produce really good pre-wedding photos.” The couple felt that their money was well spent capturing all their beautiful memories. They share that other boutiques either just provide the gowns but outsource the photography, or vice versa. Despite the higher prices, there was zero uncertainty regarding the quality of gowns and photography.

Choose Z Wedding because you love her.