Make Your Fantasy-Themed Wedding A Dream Come True

Make Your Fantasy-Themed Wedding A Dream Come True

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As a little girl, have you ever dreamt of getting your own happily ever after?

Many couples love the idea of a fantasy wedding – with fantasy-themed weddings widely replicated across the globe; from an original fantasy wonderland to recreating favourite Disney princess classics, superhero action films and mystery fantasy novels.

Yet planning a fantasy-themed wedding and executing it can be quite taxing. However, for the dreamers who love anything and everything fantasy-related – your wedding is the perfect time to let those creative juices flow and transport you, and your significant other into the ultimate fairy-tale romance.

Here are some of our top tips to help you achieve that perfect fantasy-themed wedding.

Acquiring the perfect bridal dress

Ask any married couple and they will tell you: pre-wedding planning is no easy feat. Finding the perfect designer bridal dress with the best wedding gown rental services can be much more challenging.

At Z Wedding, we focus on providing our customers with a personalised and immersive experience to help them find the perfect wedding gown, no matter the idea.

Choose an enchanting wedding gown from our romantic Midsummer Dream collection. With elegant corsets, fancy layers of tulle and intricate beaded embellishments, there are plenty of options for you to pick from.

Imagine reciting your vows looking like the picture-perfect representation of what you have always envisioned as your happily ever after.

Complete your magical ambience with florals & décor

When creating a fantasy-themed wedding, be sure to add plenty of magical touches, such as beautifully arranged flowers and incorporating plenty of colour to complement your desired fantasy theme perfectly.

To create an unforgettable wedding, you should get all the support you need from friends and family by getting them involved as much as possible. Consult and collaborate with our in-house team of consultants at our bridal shop, who will also be more than happy to guide you along and make recommendations.

Curating a fantastic menu

No wedding reception is complete without the perfect menu.

Build on the magical ambience with a selection of fantasy-themed food, beverages, cutlery and table set-ups. If you wish to make your wedding a tad more unique, add personal touches in the menu to create a more immersive experience for you and your guests.

From carefully curated appetisers and main courses, to refreshments and beverages – a majestic menu is bound to bring you one step closer to your brand-new world.

Letting your pets have a role to play

For all pet owners, why not use this chance to include your pets in your fantasy wedding!

Add your own twist by dressing up your beloved pets and letting them play a significant role in your wedding. They can be anything you want them to be, including your precious ring bearers! Get a little playful and dress them up as mythical creatures from a fairy tale or a simple fantasy-themed outfit.

Ending your celebration with a big bang

A fantasy-themed wedding reception is the perfect time to rock the carpet and steal the limelight.

Show up dressed in a bold and dramatic evening gown to look like a regal queen. Our The Best of Couture collection features some of the most opulent dinner dresses you will find that is sure to dazzle and captivate the crowd on your wedding ceremony.

What is a better happy ending for a fantasy-themed wedding other than a Queen accompanied by her King?