“He made sure that everything is perfect”

“He made sure that everything is perfect”

Through word of mouth, Kyan and Shermaine discovered Z Wedding’s boutique and was introduced to a range of gowns that Shermaine instantly fell in love with. When she saw the gowns designed by our boutique’s in-house designers, the intricacy of the gown designs drew her in and she knew she had to choose Z Wedding. Shermaine was very thankful for her gown consultant, “…without her I wouldn’t be able to decide what design I wanted and what suits me well.” Her gown consultant’s professionalism brought a lot of ease to Shermaine’s gown selection process.

On the day of the photoshoot, Shermaine had requested for her makeup artist to follow her around because she wanted to switch her look with each of the 4 gowns she was going to wear. She had no qualms about placing her full trust in her makeup artist, “I went to the shoot not knowing what looks I want, what hairstyle I wanted because I felt that I should just let her inspirations flow, and I think I made the right decision.” At the end of the day, Kyan and Shermaine both felt very lucky to be assigned to her.

Their wedding photoshoot was the first ever photoshoot Kyan and Shermaine experienced and they were initially worried about how they should get into their poses. They found that their worries were unfounded as their photographer guided them along seamlessly, positioning their posture to get the best shots that looked appealing not just to the photographer but to the couple as well. “He made sure that everything is perfect, the perfect shot that he can take”. Kyan observed the meticulousness of their photographer through the little details that he pointed out throughout the shoot; ensuring that Shermaine’s hair was always neatly tucked, Kyan’s pockets were not coming out etc. While searching for their bridal boutique, Kyan knew from one look at the photo albums Chris Ling International Photographers displayed that the photography studio was what he wanted. The feels he got from the albums were certainly what he liked and he decided upon the feeling that Chris Ling’s Photography team was who they want to engage for their wedding.

The couple was very thankful for the professionalism that the photography team displayed in helping them go through the whole photoshoot process smoothly and rushing out the albums for them in 10 days, just in time for their wedding. Shermaine shared her gratitude with us, “The wedding dinner was complete because of the albums that came out on time.” and for that, we are thankful! Kyan brought up the delightful news that many guests asked the couple where their wedding photos were taken from and which studio did that engage. “Proudly I told them its Z Wedding and Chris Ling, which I hope people will have what we have, have the perfect wedding, have the perfect photos” It is lovely to know that our team got to help this couple capture beautiful photos they can reminisce about in the future.

Shermaine was thrilled that her photos and wedding gowns were well-received from her guests. She received very good feedback which reassured her that she had taken the right choice in her wedding album and gown, which was a great attention grabber at her wedding. “We were very happy at the end of the day and we had a really great wedding.” Knowing that we played a part in helping our couple experience a perfect wedding is one of the biggest satisfaction we can get. With endless possibilities, our team will continue striving to complete and beautify the wedding of all our couples with our magic touch.