“When we look back at the photos, I am sure we will be smiling to ourselves”

“When we look back at the photos, I am sure we will be smiling to ourselves”

Andy and Chrisly set their eyes upon our Chris Ling International Photographers and Z Wedding bridal boutique when they came across Chris Ling’s portfolio on facebook. The couple was looking for options providing studio photography and got their likes instantly captured by the photos they saw on Chris Ling’s profile, which was what they wanted.

Chrisly was very happy with the large number of set-ups she could choose from in Chris Ling’s photography studio and their wedding photography package. “They have a lot of set ups, different set-ups, different kind of feels. You have those cutesy ones, and then those in korean styles with flowers”. The one thing she loved the most was the amount of sunlight that was present in the studio. “The sunlight was a key thing in the photo shoot because it makes us look very natural”. With our floor to ceiling windows in the studio, the beautiful sunlight creates the best conditions for dreamy and natural photos for every couple.

Andy found the pre wedding photography session to be enjoyable, contrary to what he initially thought he would feel. The couple had very little sleep due to late night preparations the night before and Andy thought the photo session would be very tiring. However, he was thankful for their photographer’s efforts to make things more comfortable and fun for them. “What I expected is (for it to be) quite tiring, for guys very boring, but actually i quite enjoyed it.” Chrisly was very surprised by his remark as well when he told his bride that he had enjoyed the photoshoot. Andy has always been rather camera shy but Chrisly was pleasantly surprised to find that Andy and their photographer could get along well. She remembers their photographer as someone who was always smiley, and someone they could clique well with.

The couple was very impressed with the outcome and Chrisly was very happy with the details she saw in their photos. She praises that their photo consultant was someone who knew her job well, someone who was very attentive and had a knack for understanding what the couple wanted. As for her gown consultant, she was very confident of her skills in picking out the right wedding and evening gowns for her. “I am sure they have seen a lot of couples trying out gowns, so they will know what fits you best, so you can just leave it in their hands”. Their wedding gown selection concluded smoothly with a happy Chrisly.

Chrisly urges all the couples to find out how they want their photos to turn out because she had a preference for something natural and indoors, and the Chris Ling International Photographers were able to work well with her to achieve the ideal result. “When we grow old, when we look back at the photos, I am sure we will be smiling to ourselves”. Chrisly loved the candidness of the photos which captured moments that really touched their hearts. She believes that compared to others, Chris Ling International Photographers are the ones that will create the most beautiful memories for you to keep for a lifetime. At Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers, we take pride in crafting a wonderful experience for every couple with our experience and expertise. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.