“Look At The Happiness In Your Wife”

“Look At The Happiness In Your Wife”

Swee Ying had first learned about Z Wedding when she was browsing through reviews posted on forums. Upon visiting Z Wedding’s website to take a look at their portfolio, she discovered that she really loved the photography. Describing it as “more natural, more journalistic” and “not so pose-y”, Swe Ying found the style of photography to be exactly she wanted and what she thought both bride and groom would enjoy. As a result, when the couple went to the Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS), Swee Ying had only one objective in mind and that was to head straight to Z Wedding’s booth.

When it came to the process of choosing gowns, the bride found herself having to make very tough choices. With such a patient coordinator bringing a lot of gowns for Swee Ying to try, as well as offering good recommendations, Swee Ying found it challenging having to narrow down to just two to four dresses for her pre-wedding photo shoots. Beyond the wedding gown selection, Swee Ying was deeply appreciative of her makeup artist’s skills and style. “(She) was following us throughout to make sure that the gown was properly placed.” Feeling very natural and having her own features highlighted, Swee Ying loved the contrast that reflected in the photographs, and how she could still recognise herself in the final product.

Yeow Chung felt that the photographer was very professional, especially when the couple did not have any idea of what they really wanted. “(As) the reputation of Z Wedding precede(d) itself, we were OK to let the photographer run through the works.” When it came to conceptualising the shoot and posing, the photographer had everything planned, which gave the bride and groom much relief off their mind. All Yeow Chung and Swee Ying had to provide was the location they wanted to host the photo-shoot. “Once you look at the results, it really shows it’s the correct thing to leave it to the professionals.”

The couple felt so reassured at being in good professional hands that they allowed their overall coordinator to take charge of compiling the photo album together. When they saw what the coordinator had built with the concept and sequencing of photographs, they had no questions. “That was the sort of thing we really wanted.”

Although Z Wedding is known for their prices being on the higher end of the spectrum, the couple felt that at the end of the day, “you pay for the quality you get”. As Yeow Chung puts it, “when you look at the results, when you look at the happiness in your wife”, it is worth it.

The couple felt that the collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers was very “seamless” and “beautifully integrated”. The two companies worked together so effectively that Yeow Chung and Swee Ying did not know that they were working with two separate organisations. “If you are still hesitating, still thinking on which studio to go, I would definitely recommend Z Wedding.”

Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.