“As long as my is wife happy, the price is worth it for that”

“As long as my is wife happy, the price is worth it for that”

Charylle’s first encounter with Z Wedding dated back to 2010 when she was browsing wedding gown collections online. To her, wedding dresses were the most important factor of a wedding and when she came across Z Wedding’s gown collection, she was pleasantly stunned by what she saw. “In my heart, Z Wedding is the one already”. She felt that being a bride was a once in a lifetime opportunity so you got to have the most unique dress and this was what she found in our boutique. “The dresses in Z Wedding are actually specially made, so they are different from the rest”. Each gown here in Z Wedding is designed to give a uniquely beautiful experience to every bride that puts it on and to the groom, a dazzling sight to behold.

Charylle was very happy with the patience she received from her gown consultant as she had no clue what she wanted for herself. Her gown consultant took a lot of gowns of different styles for her to try and offered her professional opinions regarding what kind of dresses would suit her figure, which helped her narrow down her choices.

She was able to place full trust in her makeup artist as well who produced professional results that she was very satisfied with. After looking through the wedding photography of her friends’ as well as attending lots of different weddings, the one thing she was very afraid of was having her makeup create a much more mature look for her than she really is. Of course, every lady wants to look more youthful instead of the other way round. She voiced her worry to her makeup artist and he knew exactly what she meant. “So I just let him do his magic. In the end, the effect was very good. It was exactly what I wanted but much more.” Instead of dragging her down, Charyelle’s makeup made her feel like a beautiful, confident bride in both her wedding photos and actual wedding day.

The couple was also impressed by the skills of the photographer that was with them. “He really has an eye for detail”. Charylle thought that the guidance he provided really helped Alan and her capture really perfect moments and shots. “If you really want your photos to be nice and you don’t know what to do, I think choosing Z Wedding is really a great choice”. Her advocating came from her surprise at how well her photos turned out and how much they loved it.

Alan was initially apprehensive about the price that he saw was tagged to Z Wedding. “At first when she chose Z Wedding, I just looked at the price and wow(I was surprised). But after everything, I see that the price is actually worth it”. We know that our prices may be higher than others, but we also promise you a service and result of unparalleled quality that will be absolutely worth it.

Charylle specially commended that the whole Z Wedding team is very patient and professional in the advice they give about the kind of makeup and dresses that will be more suitable for you. “Example, if you come in wanting only to try mermaid gowns, and maybe you are petite, they will actually tell you in a frank and honest way that actually another type of style will be more suitable for you but they will still let you try, so I think this is very important.” Without forcing our opinions on you, our team will simply offer you professional advice and allow you to try on anything that you would like and leave the final decision to you, because we respect that everyone is different.

“As long as my is wife happy, the price is worth it for that”. Like Alan, choose Z Wedding, because you love her.