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"It was more like coming back to a place where you meet friends"

Raphael and Joanna were a joy to work with, the duo created a fun-packed experience for us with their positivity, and that definitely helped gel the whole team together. When Joanna first started considering her wedding preparations, Chris Ling was the first name that came into her mind. She was first introduced to the photography works of the Chris Ling International Photographers when her aunt got married a few years back, and she fell in love with their photographs. Eventually, she called up Chris Ling Photography for her wedding and was directed to our boutique here at Z Wedding for our gown packages as well.

“Each time we come to the bridal shop itself, it was more like coming back to a place where you meet friends, it is always that kind of feeling.” Raphael was glad to enjoy a very heart-warming experience here with us where all formalities were put aside while preparations were in the making. Thank you for thinking of us as more than just business partners!

The couple felt very privileged to have a chance to meet their photographer before their actual shoot and thought it was a perfect idea to get to know each other. They believed that the interaction beforehand allowed the photographer to understand what they were like and that greatly enhanced the photo shoot process. “The chemistry between us and the photographer was there”, Joanna did not feel awkward at the photoshoot at all and Raphael’s experience was in harmony with his bride-to-be, agreeing that they had so much fun during the whole process. They felt that the people in the photography team were very real and genuine, and they could feel their desire to produce the best results for the every couple they work with. Raphael even gave a special shout out to Chris Ling, lauding him for leading a team of fantastic people and without whom all the ideas will not exist.

To Raphael and Joanne, their experience was unforgettable, and something that money cannot buy. “The late hours, the efforts, the thoughts, the feelings behind the works that they have done”, these are what made their experience at Z Wedding memorable for them. In fact, the couple wishes to return to our studio when they advance into the next step in their marriage. “We are hoping that someday, we can come back and do a family shoot with our baby”. Choosing us to be their photographers for capturing such an important milestone in their life is a great honour that Raphael and Joanna have given to the Chris Ling Photography team. Our team will strive to perfect our deliverables and continue creating an amicable surrounding for all our grooms and brides-to-be.

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