“We just had to turn up, and they will tell us where to stand”

“We just had to turn up, and they will tell us where to stand”

Z Wedding was the first stop Michael and Ying Yi made for their bridal boutique shopping and we are glad to say that it was also their last. The couple shared their enjoyable experience with the team, where our team’s strengths and expertise helped make the process an effortless and comfortable one for them. Ying Yi was satisfied with her gown consultant who seemed to know what she liked when she went for her wedding gown fitting. She had a pleasant and breezy experience with their photographer as well, who was able to guide Michael and her along the photoshoot despite their lack of ideas on what to do or what style to go for. “We didn’t have to do anything at all, we didn’t even have to know what style we wanted because we just had to turn up, and they will tell us where to stand, where to sit, where to put our hands. Everything was well taken care of, so it was very easy.” Even for their photo selection, Ying Yi believes that they had an easy time selecting their beautiful photos because their consultant knew exactly what she was doing and offered practical advice that aided in their selection.

Michael expressed his satisfaction with his analogy that “Chris Ling and Z Wedding is like the Apple brand of the wedding industry.” He was heartened by the team’s abilities to know what the customers want even if the customers themselves do not know what they want and by their efforts to guide the couple from the start to the end outcome. Michael comments that their consultant did a great job in guiding them and aligning their expectations throughout the whole process, “It’s never easy, so I guess they have all the expertise and patience to guide us through.” To him, the work delivered by Chris Ling and his photography team was beyond dollars and cents, it is the end product and the experience the team created for them that counted.

“When you come to Z Wedding, you can really just place reliance on the team. You really don’t have to worry about a lot of things.” Ying Yi has been spreading her happy experience to the people around her, raving that their gown selection and wedding photography process had been a very easy one because everything was taken care of by Z Wedding. We are grateful to have Michael and Ying Yi’s trust in our work and delivery.

Michael expressed his gratitude to the team for doing a fantastic job for their photoshoot and the entire wedding package itself. He was thankful for the patience and great suggestions made by the team who could produce exactly what they wanted even without them saying anything.

“In contrast to what everyone mentioned about, wedding photoshoot is a very tiring process, I mean for us, the experience that we had was very simple and we didn’t feel the fatigue as well and we truly enjoyed the process.” Michael’s gratitude has been well-received and our team at Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers carry the exact sentiments. We are delighted to know that the couple had placed their full trust in us and will continue to deliver a complete and beautiful experience for every groom and bride-to-be.