When Lerraine and Lance saw the gowns at Z Wedding, they were completely sold. Lerraine shared that their gown selection consultant was very patient and professional, never once turning down their request to try various wedding gowns even if they may not suit her. “She (went) ahead to let us try, to let us see that actually it really doesn’t suit us”. Highly experienced and knowledgeable, Lerraine found the consultant’s advice very useful and felt that she was easy to work with. “At one look, she knows what kind of gown suits you”. The couple had many praises to gush over the wedding gowns, remarking that they were better than what they have seen out there. “We (didn’t) mind paying more just get the gown”.At the Z Wedding’s selection of designer bridal gowns, Lerraine only had this to say, “Take just one look and you will really fall in love with all the gowns and you (will) have trouble choosing them”. She also shared that one will not be able to find the same gowns in other bridal boutiques.

For their pre-wedding shoot, they had the joy of working with a very lively photographer. He was very fun to mix around with, Lance added. In addition, the photos turned out better than what they had expected. Despite having doing an indoor shoot without an outdoor one, they “were very happy and satisfied with the outcome”, admiring the studio and its nice backdrops. For couples who prefer the indoors, Lance highly encourages them to consider Chris Ling.

When it came to the photo selection, the couple were very grateful for their consultant’s truthful and favourable advice. Saying that the consultant guided them on how to choose their photos and how to place them so that their album will turn out nice, Lance and Lerraine really liked the way Chris Ling placed all the photos together. “It (had) a flow, and it (turned) out very good”.

Furthermore, Lance and Lerraine found the marching in sessions provided by Z Wedding very beneficial, commenting that no other bridal shop would have such a unique concept of holding different classes for couples.

On the whole, the couple enjoyed their experience with Z Wedding and Chris Ling, describing the staff as very friendly and very approachable. “They will find every way to help us and try to accommodate to our request”. Lance and Lerraine strongly believe that couples should come to Z Wedding and Chris Ling for the best selections of wedding gowns and for their professional team of photographers and videographers. It is “the best combination”, according to the couple. For them, it was a “clear decision” to go with Z Wedding and Chris Ling’s services.

We are beyond grateful to have Lerraine and Lance sing high praises of our services. At Z Wedding, we collaborate with Chris Ling to provide couples with memorable experiences and we are strive to make every wedding journey a beautiful one. At Z Wedding, you will be reassured of professionalism. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.