Interesting Props to Use for your Pre Wedding Shoot

Interesting Props to Use for your Pre Wedding Shoot

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Pre-wedding photoshoots are supposed to be fun and creative. During your pre-wedding photoshoot here at Z Wedding bridal boutique with Chris Ling International Photographers, you can do whatever you want; from playing with your bridal dress to using the most creative props that you can think of.

While the venue plays a major role in putting together the overall output of your wedding photos, you have to know that you should not restrict yourself just because the place is beautiful as it is. In fact, you can make the most out of the shoot by using and preparing interesting props that can add a fresh twist to your photos and videos. Of course, the props that you will be using should go in accordance to the theme of your wedding.

Creating a fun environment does not always have to be expensive. Make your pre wedding shoot in Singapore a once in a life time experience by trying out some of these interesting props for a more relaxed and interesting photoshoot session:

Smoke Bombs
Smoke bombs have been quite the trend lately. They have become a popular prop to add dimension, texture, and drama to the photos as they are very eye-catching and unique. There also some smoke bombs that produce colours for a more creative and beautiful effect.

Fairy Lights
Light photography became a trend also in the recent months. It creates depth and drama to the photo by slightly illuminating some parts of the photo for an extra punch of intimacy. These fairy lights look like stars that are perfect if you have a fairy tale or garden theme for your wedding.

Bubbles are a classic yet fun prop to add a celebratory feel to your photos. It adds a beautiful and dreamy effect to each shot and can help bring out the candid and raw emotions from you and your significant other.

Things that emit light are great photoshoot props, especially for weddings where the shots are expected to be dreamy and intimate. Sparklers look extremely pretty in photos especially when the shot is set on a long exposure mode. Sparklers are also versatile and you can play around with it by writing words using these items.

Confetti adds an extra spark of celebration to your photos. These colourful pieces of papers add a burst of life and excitement to every shot. It helps capture the most raw and candid emotions your face will show when you throw the confetti up in the air.

Just like the name implies, sweets are great props for your pre-wedding photoshoot as it also speaks about you and your significant others. Giant lollipops, candy floss, candy bars, you name it! You can use anything you want depending on your preferences and play with it like stealing a sweet kiss behind a large lollipop or playing the famous pocky game by biting on both ends and looking at each other with those loving eyes!

Your Wedding Gown
Of course, the best prop you can use is your own wedding gown. By simply swishing your skirt, you create a beautiful effect of femininity and dreaminess to your photo. Throwing your skirt or veil up helps them ride with the wind, producing a magical effect of its own. The colours you pick for your wedding and evening gown plays a big part in making your wedding photo pop as well.

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