Inspiring Wedding Themes That Will Make You Fall In Love

Inspiring Wedding Themes That Will Make You Fall In Love

If you aren’t all about going full traditional for your wedding ceremony, having a wedding theme is the best way to venture out of the box – allowing both the bride and groom to introduce a special part of them into the wedding and venture out of the box. With so many wedding themes to choose from, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Rustic Wedding Theme

This wedding theme is perfect for the laidback couple holding a simple outdoor wedding ceremony. If you are someone who prefers a more intimate setting, this wedding theme is perfect for you.

What to add: Think all things lace and timber, a bunch of fairy lights, candles, and an unlimited access to greenery. For starters, add wooden wine barrels at the entrances and fill the venue with chalkboards containing notes from the couple to welcome guests. Instead of having chairs, use garden benches, and replace cups with mason jars instead. Remember to include lots of flowers, from the beloved wedding cake all the way to your delicate hairdo. A farm-to-table menu will definitely wow the guests, complete with metal or brass plates and cutlery.

Wedding dress: Since a rustic wedding theme includes lots of lacey elements, the same can be applied to your wedding gown. A good example is the mermaid wedding dress featured in our Lace Editorial collection – the off-shoulder wedding dress includes trimmings of lace embroidery that evokes a sense of a forest fairy tale come true, while keeping things practical for the Singapore weather.

Travel Wedding Theme

You don’t have to go overseas for an epic wedding, simply bring the most dreamy destinations over to you. Whether it’s Bali, Japan, New York or Paris, travel wedding themes are always romantic and exciting, both for the couple and guests.

What to add: First decide on a destination that holds special meaning to the relationship, moving on to integrate elements of it into every little detail of the wedding – invitations and place cards designed as postcards, an airplane-style seating chart for each table and vintage globes and maps. Gift personalised table favours such as leather passport covers and luggage tags. You can even curate a special menu and cocktails based off your chosen destination to bring beloved friends and families with you on a “pre-honeymoon” trip.

What to wear: For this wedding theme, any classic wedding dress will look equally gorgeous. Our Le Romantics collection features an elaborate mermaid wedding dress that comes with multiple layers of tulle and a prominent bow in the back that speaks of wanderlust – whisking you far away from Singapore and straight into the adventure of a lifetime. 

Fantasy Wedding Theme

Go big or go home, the fantasy wedding theme is for the creative and audacious couple who dares to be different. Under this broad theme comes anything from sci-fi, movies, storybooks and anything that leans towards the quirky and imaginative.

What to add: The best way to channel a fantasy wedding theme is to think and act as your favourite characters! You may want to get your bridesmaids and groomsmen to partake in all the action, each one taking a different role. Hire a themed photobooth with all the necessary props that guests need to join in the fun. Include details from the story such as scenes, direct quotes, music and even food – such as the wacky tea party reception in Alice in Wonderland, complete with gigantic teapots and plenty of upside-down cakes. The options are endless.

What to wear: If you are holding a fantasy wedding theme, this is the perfect excuse to wear a more exaggerated dress, such as the ones in The Best Of Couture collection – adorn a teal or sapphire blue dress that encompasses more pompous details and extra glitter that looks like it came straight out of the big screen. Simply pick your dream dress from the wide selection available in our bridal studio – our specialists will be there to guide you every step of the way, so you will never have to worry about going over the edge.