Ignite Your Love This Valentine’s Day With Chris Ling’s Free Studio Photography for Z Wedding Couples

Ignite Your Love This Valentine’s Day With Chris Ling’s Free Studio Photography for Z Wedding Couples


Valentine’s Day – What is this day exactly?

To the ones currently in a romance, this could be a special date you’ve marked very carefully on your calendar. It is a highly anticipated, yearly event to celebrate your love for your partner, look back on the sweet memories you have created as a couple, and how far you have come together.

Valentine’s day is also perhaps (or rather, surely) great for the economy.

Does the following checklist look familiar to you?

Flowers? Check.

Cards to accompany the flowers? Check.

Jewellery? Check.

Reservations at a restaurant with romantic settings for your V. Day dinner? Check.

The period leading up to February 14th presents some of the busiest times for florists, jewellers and some restaurants (cue the dim-lit, cosy and romantic setting), given that every person in the world who is in a relationship is trying to get a piece of what’s in the checklist. The last thing they would want to do is incur the wrath of their loved ones by showing up empty-handed for their date on Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Sure, driving the economy in this sense is great, and necessary for its very survival. Besides, no one wants to feel left out in the Valentine’s Day shopping daze whereby everyone is giving and receiving something.

However, these things are temporary, and the novelty of giving and receiving gifts will wear off after a day or two.

So, what about offering couples something that would last not just the day (your dinner meal, or your roses), or several months (jewellery) but instead, something that could last forever, and is ultimately invaluable, memorable – and free? Yes, free.

This Valentine’s Day, we are happy to present to you a one-day-only, FREE Studio Photography Event for Z Wedding Couples.

Come join us and have beautiful pictures taken of you and your partner. Ignite your love and romance for each other, and let your magic fuel our passion in photography – to capture great shots of your relationship that you can keep with you for life.