“I Will Definitely Say Go For It”

“I Will Definitely Say Go For It”

Yuan Kai and Si Min first saw the studio sets, they initially thought about how they were going to have many shots within the studio shoot, due to the amount of effort and detail invested into every set. “We had a fun time going to each of the sets,” Si Min said, adding that the sets were very nice and invoked different feelings in them.

For Yuan Kai and Si Min, their photo shoot experience went wonderfully well, and the couple attributed this fact to their photographer. Knowing that some couples get a bit nervous in front of the camera, their photographer made the atmosphere very fun and casual. “He gave us good direction(s) like how to pose and just be natural”, Si Min recounted how the photographer made them feel at ease. Yuan Kai also commented that the main reason why they enjoyed the whole photo shoot was due to them not feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

Si Min also remembered how professional their makeup artist was. “She made us look fabulous on that day”, liking the fact that her makeup was not too over-the-top and maintained a natural look that was nice. Yuan Kai added that she was very conscientious, constantly touching up their makeup and hair before and during any shoot the couple had to go for. “She takes notes about these small little details throughout the whole photoshoot”. During photo selection, the couple felt that they were in the good hands of their consultant, who was motherly, honest and warm. They recounted how she showed the couple how the photos would be arranged, with every page telling a story and how all the pages were linked together. Yuan Kai and Si Min further remember her for giving them a lot of good tips on marriage life.

The couple had a pleasant relationship with their coordinator as well, who they remembered to be very meticulous and gave very good recommendations. “Some other places might not remind you that you have an appointment”, Si Min said, appreciating the fact that their coordinator would always call them before an appointment, which made Z Wedding stand out from the rest of the bridal services in Singapore.

As to why couples should come to Z Wedding, Si Min and Yuan Kai commented that they could feel the passion and dedication from all the staff members. “The people here make me feel like they really enjoyed working here”, describing the environment to be like a very close family with everyone being nice and warm. “If the wedding gowns are what you like and the styles of photos are what you like, I will definitely say go for it.”

At Yuan Kai and Si Min’s positive appraisal, Z Wedding is appreciative and grateful beyond words. We are pleased to hear that both of them had many enjoyable memories working with us at Z Wedding. Our team at Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers constantly aim to fulfil every couple’s dream wedding. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.