Zi Heng and Fiona was at Bugis to attend the Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS) when they chanced upon the booth for Z Wedding. Prior to that, Fiona had seen Z Wedding on Facebook before and as Zi Heng described, “she went crazy”. Fiona felt the need to go into their booth and take a look, because she had watched one of Z Wedding’s runway shows before and found that their gowns looked very nice. As a result, Fiona pulled Zi Heng in and the couple sat down at Z Wedding’s booth to take a look. Needles to say, the two of them were utterly impressed with the proffered selection of gowns.

Speaking from a financial perspective, Zi Heng stated that although Z Wedding’s prices were a bit more on the expensive side, he did not mind paying a bit more as long as Fiona felt comfortable. For Fiona, she had a gut feeling about Z Wedding that made her feel like they were the right choice. Even though there was the factor of paying a bit more, she trusted her gut feeling and decided to go with it. The couple thus eventually went ahead with their choice of Z Wedding and signed up for their wedding photography packages.

Fiona took quite some time just to choose the gowns. Thankfully, she had a gown consultant who was patient and professional, doing her best to try to accommodate to each of Fiona’s requests. The gown consultant picked out wedding dresses that Fiona had her eye on and really wanted to try. “She was sincere in trying to give me the gowns that I wanted”, and Fiona felt that the consultant went all out for her job scope, just to help her settle her gowns for the photo shoot. As for makeup, Fiona did not want anything too extreme or anything that would drastically alter her appearances to the point where her pictures would not look like her. In terms of hairdo and makeup, the makeup artist she worked with made everything simple, fulfilling her requests in how she wanted to present. In addition, the makeup artist helped her out throughout the photo shoot, touching up everything.

During the pre-wedding photo shoot, Zi Heng and Fiona found that their photographer was not only good but also a funny person to be around with. The pictures taken turned out great and the couple agreed that they had a fun experience. During the compilation of photos for their wedding album, the couple were appreciative for the presence of their photo consultant. She patiently helped them in shortlisting photos and planning out how the album would become. When Zi Heng and Fiona decided to make some changes later on, the consultant was able to accommodate their requests.

Zi Heng and Fiona highly recommend other couples to drop by Z Wedding bridal boutique. “I don’t think you’ll make a wrong choice either.” Choose Z Wedding because you love her.