How to Clear Up Your Skin and Prevent a Pre-Wedding Breakout

How to Clear Up Your Skin and Prevent a Pre-Wedding Breakout

We can never, ever predict how our skin will react to stress and exhaustion brought about by planning for a wedding. When we are under stress, the stress hormone (cortisol) causes the skin to produce excess oils and therefore trigger breakouts or worsen existing acne issues. As our hormones begin to fluctuate due to the effects of various factors like stress, sleeplessness, and exhaustion, breaking out before your wedding day is the last thing you want to happen.

Breakouts will only serve to disrupt how glowing and flawless you wish to look on your wedding day, whereas you would want to be confident and comfortable in your own skin while the actual day wedding photographer is capturing precious memories of your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Avoid this nightmarish scenario and look your best on your wedding day. Try out some of our tips we have come up for you!

Get Enough Sleep
Sleep deprivation is considered to be the major cause of stress, altering the hormones in our body which result in the skin breaking out. Develop a good bedtime ritual to help you ease off into a relaxing snooze, such as using a lavender-scented body cream. Getting adequate amount and good quality of sleep at night can contribute towards helping your body rest and recover and help your skin to look radiant.

Cleanse and Exfoliate
You can start your exfoliation routine six months before your big day to achieve a wedding photo-ready complexion. Glycolic acid pads or microdermabrasion treatments can help to smoothen your facial texture as a canvas for your wedding makeup. When it’s just weeks before your wedding, switch out your cleanser to a milder one and avoid harsh scrubs which can irritate your skin.  Take a pause from chemical exfoliant products which can bring out deep-seated impurities to your skin’s surface and leads to a breakout. Instead, you can remove dead, dull skin with a moisturiser that contains these gentle chemical exfoliants ingredients to clear the skin while keeping it at its most calm state.

Tie Your Hair
Planning for a wedding involves running a lot of errands mostly under the heat of the sun. This also includes trying out dresses as you browse through various wedding shops and wedding boutiques in singapore to find your perfect gown. Our hair contains natural oils that can be transferred and get clogged inside your pores should they get in contact with each other. Avoid using excessive pomades, hair sprays or gels on your hair as these products can also irritate your skin and block your skin’s pores if they get on your face. Whether you are trying out different bridal dresses or sleeping at night, keep your hair pulled away from your face in a bun or ponytail so no dirt or toxins will find their way into your pores.

Drink Plenty of Water
While water may not be the cure-all to your acne problems, drinking sufficient H2O can help you fight against breakouts. Staying hydrated helps your system in flushing out toxins out of your body and allows your skin to be at its tip-top condition. When you drink water, you are also substituting out other beverages like soft drinks and milk that can play a small role in making you break out.

Protect Your Skin
When you are going around visiting bridal shops in Singapore to pick out wedding gowns and evening dresses or scouting various wedding venues to consider, don’t skip your sunscreen! UV rays are a major culprit when it comes to fine lines, premature aging, and darken pigmented spots on your face. Slap on your favourite sunscreen with a good amount of SPF before leaving your house.

Planning for a wedding is definitely not one without all the stress, exhaustion, fatigue, and hassle. Having a clear skin before your wedding is a matter of keeping calm and taking things one step at a time so you are ready to face your big day confident and beautiful!

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