How to Bring Out the Beauty of a Wedding Gown in Your Photos

How to Bring Out the Beauty of a Wedding Gown in Your Photos

Do you know why wedding gowns are special? It’s because you have invested the time, effort and emotions (as well as financially) as you searched for the perfect ensemble for your big day. Wedding gowns have great sentimental value for brides, just like you, since coming up with the perfect look and style takes time and effort.

After going on through so many bridal shops in singapore, it is only normal that you really want to flaunt it on the actual day. Most brides would often ask their wedding photographer in singapore to make her wedding gown the star of the day by using it as a major prop for most of the shots and clips from the entire day.

Without a doubt, wedding gowns make a fine centrepiece or prop for your photos as it adds plenty of drama and personality. Below are some tips that you can use to bring out the beauty of your wedding gown:

Full Body Shots
After getting your hair and makeup done, there is nothing more worth capturing than your entire look as a beautiful bride. Ask your photographer what kind of shot they want and tell him or her that you want to highlight your wedding gown in that specific photo. You can stand in a middle of a picturesque space in your wedding venue and choose a place with a beautiful background for that picture-perfect, dreamy photo!

Get It Flowing
Why not do something more fun than the usual laying of your train against the floor? For example, stand along a nice balcony or even on a garden and take advantage of your flowing gown. Throw it up in the air or twirl it around and let your photographer this beautiful image. For example, gowns from Z Wedding’s Origami collection feature full and delicately designed trains, this style of the photo would highlight this feature.

Spread It Like Its Hot
Want your gown to be the sole focus? If you are the type of bride who loves dramatic shots and would choose a gown with long and grand train, make the most out of it by artfully spreading the entire train across the floor. This way, the photographer will be able to capture the smallest details of your wedding gown in the most artistic way.

Gone With The End
Let your train flow freely as it sways together with the wind. One way to show how beautiful one’s gown is to let the fabric flow freely while taking creative shots along with your groom or those from your entourage. A fluttering train adds a punch of drama to your photos, making them feel more ethereal and romantic.

Get Down On The Floor
One of the classic shots out there, you can never go wrong with going down on the floor and delicately arrange your skirt in a circle as if embracing it were you. It is artistic, classic, and helps bring out the best look you and your wedding gown has to offer.

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