The History Behind the Classic White Wedding Dress

The History Behind the Classic White Wedding Dress

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Wedding is a symbol of union between two people who are in love. As this is considered to be one of the biggest milestones in a person’s life, it is only necessary that this event be planned out carefully and accordingly. As a professional bridal boutique, Z Wedding understands that one aspect of wedding preparation that you need to be detailed is your wedding gown. While you do your bridal shopping, have you ever wondered why these gowns are typically in white? What about their history?

They say that wearing a white wedding gown has been part of the tradition for centuries. The colour white of a wedding gown symbolizes a woman’s purity in soul. However, the tradition of wearing a white wedding gown does not end here. Wedding gowns have a long history behind them, and if we have gotten your attention and awaken your curiosity, why not continue reading this article to learn more about them?

Pre-19th Century
Women before the 19th century often wore dresses of any colour for their wedding ceremonies except that of white. Before the 1800s started, women would prefer wedding dresses in intricate and complex hues such as green and blue. Believe it or not, the colour black is also one of the options during this time period.

Late 1800s
During 1840s, the way wedding gowns were worn was completely changed. Started by Queen Victoria in February 10 during her wedding to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria wore a lace-trimmed gown in a satin fabric. Initially, this was considered as something unusual as monarchs were still expected to wear red for the said ceremony. Several years later, the colour white had started to be considered as the most appropriate hue to wear in one’s wedding ceremony within selected Europe and Western countries.

Wedding Dresses as a Social Status
Back in the day, white wedding dresses were considered to be used only by women from aristocratic families or those with wealthy backgrounds. The colour white also symbolized a women’s class or status in a society back then.

The Veil
Wedding veils were a requirement to be worn by women until the 19th century where it was deemed to not be as necessary. However, as time goes by, it eventually became a mainstay in an over-all attire of a bride and considered to represent a modest and well-behaved attitude of a woman.

In Eastern Culture
Wedding dresses from Eastern countries such as China and Vietnam were often colourful. Normally, wedding ensembles are represented in the colour red—a hue that symbolizes good luck and auspiciousness. In the recent years, women from Eastern countries have the freedom to choose between the traditional garment or she can opt to wear a white wedding gown for her wedding. Sometimes, they wear both clothes in two separate programs during the day of her wedding to pay homage to the culture she was born in.

During the 1980s
Since it was first worn by Queen Victoria in the 19th century, wearing of white wedding dress slowly became a culture and eventually gained popularity worldwide. A significant increase in the usage of white wedding gowns became prominent in 1981, when Princess Diana married Prince Charles of Wales.

The traditional practice of wearing a white wedding gown was passed down by the British royalty and has no doubt been the classic style to go for in modern day weddings. The designers at Z Wedding appreciates the culture behind this custom and has gone on to create and evolve wedding dress designs into beautiful ideas of our own. At our studio, pleasure your eyes with the elegant white wedding gowns from intriguing collections like Dusklight and Garden of Eden where each white dress is designed with tradition and class in mind.