“It helped us to be a lot more excited for the future we are going to have together”

“It helped us to be a lot more excited for the future we are going to have together”

What made Charles and Julie decide to choose our studio among the rest? The simple and timeless wedding gowns in Z Wedding coupled with the wedding photos they saw from Chris Ling International Photographers were what sealed the deal for the couple. Julie liked the selection of wedding and evening gowns she saw in our bridal boutique, something that was an ideal fit to her bridal search.

Julie shared how their confidence in us grew after signing up their bridal package with Z Wedding. “Right after we signed everything, they gave us a whole checklist of things and appointments that we needed to come for. We felt quite secure because it just seemed like everything was planned and scheduled and we did not have to worry”. When it came to the wedding and evening gown selection, the couple were delighted at the beautiful range of selections they were given. Julie had a very comfortable experience with her gown consultant as well, praising that her gown consultant “made everything very at ease for me and I could just try it on and enjoy myself, so I thought that was a really pleasant and fun experience which was quite stress free”.

Charles loved the interaction with the bridal team, and most importantly for not forgetting him! “I thought the staff was very helpful and just made us feel at home, made me feel not forgotten”. He was thankful that their photographer was very open-minded with the props that he wanted to bring for their photoshoot as well. While the pre-wedding photoshoot took up an entire day and was rather tiring, it was still a very fun day for Charles. He thought that it was very nice to have so many different options when it came to their indoor studio photoshoot scenes, and was very satisfied with the work of their makeup artist. “The makeup artist is really helpful, she really picked out a very good makeup for Julie, and I think I looked not bad too”. It is a great joy to see every bride and groom look amazing for their wedding, and we are great at making that happen.

Julie agreed that their makeup artist was amazing, “Basically never had a bad moment and at every single scene, she managed to change my hair into something. I don’t know how she did it, it’s really amazing”. Julie who personally did not like taking photos, also agreed that their photographer made the process very fun. “It was a very good day and a good memory for the both of us”. They were extremely impressed with the photos taken and were very thankful to their photo consultant for helping them with their selection. Julie appreciated that “she was very honest which photos go together and which photos shouldn’t be included, so I am glad that it was very honest and it really helped us to piece together an album that we would enjoy”.

After looking at their wedding album and design, the couple was very happy to know that they managed to get what they were looking for. More than just an art piece, the couple treasures the album as a memory of their journey of getting married and having a wedding. “It’s really like part of the journey and it helped us to be a lot more excited for the future we are going to have together”. The couple expressed their thanks to Z Wedding Bridal Boutique and Chris Ling International Photographers for the great, stress-free experience and all the fun they had. With their recommendations about our studio, we promise to deliver an experience that is as amazing as the one Charles and Julie received. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.