“I haven’t seen a person who is so patient”

“I haven’t seen a person who is so patient”

While we were not the first boutique that Ix and Jenny visited, the beautiful couple established that Z Wedding and Chris Ling were what they were looking for the moment they took a look at the photo albums presented to them at our studio. They liked that all the albums had a storyline of their own, and the album styles were exactly what they were seeking. This convinced them that we were the right bridal boutique for them.

Ix showed his appreciation for the organisation they experienced in the whole process. “The good thing about this bridal shop is that everything is very systematic, they never fail to call us way before the appointment to make sure that we are in schedule.” On Jenny’s end, the gown selection was a breeze for her. The satisfied bride reassures all brides-to-be that they need not be worried about failing to find a suitable gown for themselves here at Z Wedding, because of the wide selection of gowns we have here. As Jenny says, “All of them are very beautiful”, with the beautiful range of gowns, you can come here with a peace of mind that there will be something you like.

When it came to the gown fitting, both Ix and Jenny were thoroughly impressed with our gown consultant. To them, her patience throughout the whole session was laudable. At the end of their session, the groom was telling his bride-to-be “ I haven’t seen a person who is so patient”, because she was walking up and down, bringing the gowns to the bride-to-be and helping her dress up, with lots of patience and understanding. Ix even joked that if he was in her shoes, he wouldn’t even last a week!

On their photoshoot day, the couple felt very at ease with their makeup artist and the Chris Ling photographers. The photo shoot was pleasantly fast and smooth, with jokes inserted during the shoots to loosen up the lovely models of the day for a more natural delivery. Ix commended that the photographer’s style was “fast and swift”. The photographer gave them their pose, did a quick snap and was ready to move on to the next one. It was short and sweet, and every studio scene was completed in about 10 mins. As for the makeup artist, her exchange with Jenny made the bride-to-be feel that “she’s more than a makeup artist.” The couple were marvelling at how she was helping them carry their stuff, wiping their sweat, sheltering them with an umbrella when it rained, and even said she was like a ‘Doraemon’, who had everything necessary with her.

In the end, they faced a huge challenge, and that was to select their photos that all turned out unexpectedly well. “It was a big challenge choosing photos, not because all of them are unsatisfactory, but they are really awesome.” Ix accentuated on the outdoor and casual shoots, where the photography team’s ability to bring out the feel of the particular moment was the reason that brought them to Chris Ling Photography.

Ix and Jenny recommends that for anyone looking for good photos, services and nice gowns, Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography is the choice for you. We are extremely thankful for the high praise that the beautiful couple has given us. It is for pleasant exchanges like these that we continue to strive and do our best. Thank you Ix and Jenny!