Perry and Eileen loved the warmth that they received, as well as, the professional advice they got from the experts at Z Wedding, which led to them making the decision to sign up with the bridal studio. As the couple had wanted their wedding to be made as unique as possible, they sat down with the professionals at Z Wedding who had years of experience under their belt to discuss about how the couple should design a special wedding theme for both of them to work on. The ideas that were offered and innovated by the team at Z Wedding allowed everything to have a flow, and both Perry and Eileen really liked that.

As for the selection of wedding gowns, Eileen believed that her consultant did a wonderful job. She was most impressed by the fact that her consultant had spent more than half an hour just talking to her, just wanting to what she likes, among other details such as what her favourite colour was. As a result, the gowns the consultant had selected made it difficult for Eileen to choose as she had fallen in love with all of the gowns.

With regards to the arrangement, Perry and Eileen were very pleased and found everything nice to look at. This was definitely crucial as they wanted to be proud on the actual day of the wedding itself. As the experience of walking down the aisle is something that can only be experienced once in a lifetime, the couple hoped to be presented in the best way they could be. The phase of their Z Wedding experience that really scared Perry and Eileen the most was in actuality the photo taking process. Due to the fact that both of them proclaimed themselves to be camera shy, the bride and groom to be were worried that they would look unnatural in the pictures. It was to their utmost relief that their photographer gave them the ability to feel really at ease and made the atmosphere comfortable and full of fun. The couple admitted that they laughed so much until they had stitches in their stomachs towards the end of the day.

Needless to say, the final products of Perry and Eileen’s pre-wedding photo shoot came out wonderful. The couple loved the photos so much that they basically found themselves having to tell their photographer that they were given a difficult time in choosing which photos should go into their wedding album. Glad at the way their photos had turned out, Perry and Eileen hoped that friends and family would love the pictures as well.

For the couples that are out there, Perry and Eileen highly advised them to do their research, in seeking for bridal boutiques according to what they need and want. Ultimately, the couple emphasised the importance of coming down to the bridal boutique and being able to have a fun time. Perry and Eileen have the hopes and assurances that other couples will be sure to have a great time with Z Wedding as much as they had with them. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.