Guide to Popular Fabrics for Wedding Gowns & Bridal Dresses

Guide to Popular Fabrics for Wedding Gowns & Bridal Dresses

Wedding gowns come in various styles, designs, silhouettes, and fabrics which they are made of. Different fabrics and materials are used in making different wedding gowns or dinner dresses in singapore. Not all fabrics will look good and work well in a specific kind of design, hence knowing what kind of fabric complement which dress style is important. It will also determine your comfort level and ensures you look the best in your whole wedding look. With the right bridal dress chosen in the right fabric, your actual day wedding photographer will be able to capture beautiful and memorable shots to cherish for a long time.

Make your wedding gown shopping easier with this fool-proof guide in popular wedding gown fabrics.

Satin is probably the widest used wedding gown fabric of all time. It is very classy, lustrous, and gives off a very natural sheen perfect for a traditional wedding. This fabric comes in various blends, textures, grades and colours which offer high shine and understated sheen for some. Popular satin styles include Duchess satin, Charmeuse satin and crepe back satin. They vary in how suitable they can be used in certain wedding gown designs, such as structured or loose, flowing dresses.

Georgette is a type of fabric popularly used as a top layer in most wedding gowns. It has a lightweight and soft finish that adds a very romantic and intimate silhouette in the overall look of the gown. This type of fabric is perfect especially if your wedding theme is whimsical or if you are having a garden-themed ceremony.

Elegant and timeless, lace gives off a feminine and romantic appeal in bridal dresses. It also exudes a very ethereal feeling and soft, vintage look. It can take shape of many kinds of weaves such as embroidered, Chantilly, Alencon and eyelet. Laces are common picks as an outer layer in most wedding gowns especially if the bride wishes to show a little bit of skin.

Popularly used for veils and skirt, the tulle fabric is very sheer and delicate. This fine machine-made fabric is made from silk and nylon which helps to give off a fuller look to skirts. While it looks similar to netting, tulle has a more refined finish with a softer and smoother texture. Tulle is mostly used especially if you are aiming for a ball gown inspired wedding dress since the fabric is stiff enough to give a gown structure but still flows easily.

Another famous fabric in the world of wedding dresses is chiffon. It is a lightweight and sheer type of fabric used mostly as an overskirt. Most designers favor using this fabric as it is also very easy to layer and create volume.

Silk is very different to satin. It has a very beautiful texture and has a crisp, clean structure that most brides love. Silk is such an elegant fabric that gives off a romantic, intimate, and delicate look to the bride. Silk comes in various textures, styles, and shine such as raw silk and silk Mikado.

A crisp textured fabric, taffeta has a sheen of a lustrous silk that is similar to satin. Some says that the more structured the taffeta is, the greater value it has. It also rustles when you move. This fabric is commonly used for structured ball gowns and full skirts.

With so many kinds of fabrics in the market to choose from, it can get pretty overwhelming. Aside from online sources and own research, visiting a wedding shop in singapore to consult with a professional is the best way to figure things out and get the right knowledge in your wedding preparation.

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