Guide to Matching Wedding Dresses and Shoes in Singapore

Guide to Matching Wedding Dresses and Shoes in Singapore

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When putting out wedding ensemble together, it’s quite natural to focus all our attention on finding the perfect wedding gown! After all, the wedding gown is what everyone will be talking about. Some spend weeks, even months, prowling through Singapore’s best bridal boutiques to find that one special wedding gown.

However, wedding ensembles are made of more than just your wedding dress. The shoes you wear and the accessories you choose also contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of a wedding ensemble. You wouldn’t wear a suit with slippers or active wear with formal pumps! Likewise, your shoes must match your wedding gown. Today, we will look at how you can find the best shoes to complement your wedding dress.

Dress Length

It’s easy to see how the length of your wedding dress will affect your choice of shoes. A full blown princess wedding gown with a metre long train does not call for a glittering pair of strappy heels, as no one will be able to see it. Similarly, a tea length wedding dress puts your shoes in the spotlight, and a dirty pair of white sneakers just won’t cut it.

As a rule of thumb, a longer dress allows you to lean more towards comfort when choosing a pair of shoes. For shorter dresses, your shoes are more exposed and you need to look at how seamlessly it matches with the rest of your outfit. You might even get away with a plain pair of white flats under a long, elaborate wedding dress.


Only a brave bride breaks away from the tradition of white wedding dresses. Likewise, a pair of white wedding shoes has been a staple in wedding outfits for as long as anyone can remember. Whatever the colour of your wedding dress, your shoes must not clash. Knowing how your wedding dress looks under natural sunlight gives you a better gauge to choosing a proper pair of shoes.

There are two things to consider when choosing a pair of shoes. First, they must not clash with your dress. They should either be in an identical shade, or they should be quite dissimilar. If you’re looking to make a statement, strong colours or bold patterns on your wedding shoes will bring you away from the cookie cutter bridal aesthetics in Singapore.

The Wedding Ceremony

Another crucial point for consideration is the actual wedding ceremony itself. If you’re having the ceremony at the beach, a pair of stiletto heels makes zero sense. Instead, an elegant pair of strappy pair of flats would suit the ceremony’s theme and setting much more seamlessly.

You also must keep in mind that you’ll be wearing this pair of shoes for a long time. You need them to be comfortable for the walk down the aisle, for your vows, dinner and any festivities that come after! You wouldn’t want to anything to sour the merrymaking, much less a nasty blister torturing you with every step.

These are some of the more important considerations when choosing a pair of wedding shoes. Keep these in mind when looking for wedding dresses at the best bridal boutiques in Singapore.