A Guide To Choosing the Ideal Gown For Your Wedding Day

A Guide To Choosing the Ideal Gown For Your Wedding Day

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Shopping for a wedding gown can be a daunting and emotional task especially if you do not have the perfect dress in mind. It also takes time and effort to get the exact gown you are looking for. At Z Wedding, we walk you through the gown selection process together with you and help you look through all your selections patiently. You also have to look for perfect jewellery and shoes to complement the wedding gown of your choice. Therefore, you should consider starting your gown selection earlier, preferably 10 – 12 months before the wedding date. This gives you ample time to make all the alterations and includes all the accessories you need to complete the look. This guide will help you through the process of wedding gown selection.


While our wedding gowns are designed in-house, some measurements and adjustments still have to be taken to ensure we get you a gown with your exact measurements. This means that when you go gown shopping, you should expect to have your body measurements taken at the boutique you go. Inform your gown consultant about anything that you need to be included in your wedding dress at this time so that they can make the right measurements for the same. Wearing footwear with a height similar to your actual bridal heels will also help you get the ideal seam length for your gown.

Getting a Gown

Make a choice of your bridal shop and get started on trying on your bridal gowns! At Z Wedding, we have professional gown consultants equipped with experience and knowledge about different gowns and body types. They will be able to provide you advice and suggestions during your selection process and help you pick out the perfect dress for you. Be ready to try on lots and lots of gowns! Some people may fall in love with the first dress they try on and some require a little bit more tries, and that is perfectly fine. Instead of involving too many opinions from your friends and families, focus on your own opinion and that of your partner and gown consultant. This will make the selection process a much smoother one.

Wedding Gown Alterations

This is the main reason for buying your gown as early as possible especially if you want to have many alterations. Our bridal boutique offers alterations to the gown that you have selected where you can correct the areas that do not feel right on your gown. Gown alteration takes time and several fitting visits, which you should expect in the next few months.


Most boutiques will give 2-3 fitting dates depending on the alterations needed on your gown. This is to ensure that you will be comfortable in the gown that you will be strutting around on your busy wedding day. Do not be surprised if you need minor alterations on the last gown fitting session before your wedding as your body may change over the long period of time from when you first selected your gown. Most brides end up losing weight a few months or weeks before the wedding date leading to a series of alterations. This is why your gown fitting sessions are so important to ensure maximum fitting and comfort for you on your wedding day.

Choosing the ideal gown for your wedding day need not be a draining task as long as you have a professional to guide you along. Make sure to start your selection early so that your choices are in abundance and you will have ample time to make alterations as well. Find out how our team at Z Wedding Design can help you with your bridal preparations at www.zwedding.com.sg or simply give us a call at 6337 2678 for more information.