Gorgeous Hairstyles For the 3 Different Types of Hair

Gorgeous Hairstyles For the 3 Different Types of Hair

Your wedding day hairstyle is a crucial part of your bridal look. It must complement your makeup and wedding gown properly to make you look well put together, rather than a mess. Your hair is your crowning glory and a source of self-esteem and confidence. Your hair also reflects your very own personality and mood. Picking an appropriate hairstyle that goes with your wedding gown, even if you have already bought it or it’s from a singapore wedding gown rental boutique, and overall wedding theme is a crucial aspect of any wedding.

However, not all women have the same hair. Some have thin, straight locks while others have thick, wavy hair. Finding the perfect hairstyle gets rid of unnecessary frustration and women will appear more confident and sexy with a flattering hairstyle. In this article, let us talk more about different hairstyles for each type of hair: thin, long, and wavy.

Let us read on:


French Braid Twisted Bun
This French braid twisted bun is perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially when adorned with a flower crown. It is perfect for those with longer hair. This look is also ideal for beach weddings because of its easy yet elegant appearance.

Simple Chignon
Are you the type who likes sporting a simple look? The chignon will be perfect for you! It is easier to create a chignon with more volume and bigger bun if you have longer and thicker hair. Plus, wearing a tiara for this look is also a plus, since a chignon alone is already elegant and a classic hairstyle.


Braided Crown
If you have thinner locks, what you want to do is to create the illusion of having thicker strands. Braiding your hair and wrapping it as a crown usually does the trick. Plus, need we say more about how elegant, classy and sultry it looks? It is the perfect beach wedding hairstyle! Incorporate a few stems of tiny flowers and you’ll perfectly complement modern wedding gowns, like Z Wedding’s A Light Between Oceans collection.

Messy Low Bun
A messy low bun made perfectly constructs an illusion of thicker locks. It prevents your hair from looking too flat and fine when done properly and strategically. This hairstyle helps add volume to ensure that you look put together, despite, well, the messy low bun look!


Half Tucked ‘Do
What you want to do with curly hair is to prevent all the stray hairs from sticking out all over the place. A half tucked up ‘do usually does the trick in gathering all your hair in one place for a polished look and prevents your baby hairs from springing up all over the place. Couple this look with a fine accessory and you are definitely one sight to behold!

Wavy, Bohemian Locks
A sexy, bohemian hairstyle completes the overall look of an outdoor, beach, or whimsical wedding. Add more flair by pinning small flowers in a cascading style to complete the look. Speckled bohemian curls will add regal notes to your entire outfit and are definitely a very classic choice!

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