Going Pastel with your Evening Gown Selection

Going Pastel with your Evening Gown Selection

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Evening gowns come in different structures, designs, and colours. Back in the day, people would wear lighter coloured attires to suit events held during daytime and wear dark dresses for evening gatherings. Although in the recent couple of years, pastel-hued gowns had made their way in the evening events scene and people love it.

Pastel hued evening gowns are delicate, dreamy, and ethereal especially when made with flowing, light and sheer fabrics. It gives a sexy yet demure silhouette and look elegant as well. Pastel coloured evening gowns at our Z Wedding bridal boutique give a fresher twist to common dresses and they are definitely a refreshing change.

If you still have some questions in mind, why not continue reading this article to learn more about how to wear pastels for your gown selection?

Go with a Single Colour

Designers usually coordinate the colour of the bridal gown fabric to the beads and other appliques. On the other hand, you may want to consider sticking to one palette and work your style from there. If you have decided to go for a one tone pastel colour, you can upgrade the over-all look by means of playing with textures. In our Lush & Bloom collection, layers of sheer fabric are paired with floral laces to create a cascading design to make your evening dress standout.

Stick With Neutrals

If you want to play with colours, you may want to stick with neutrals to avoid looking too overwhelming. For instance, if you want to wear a pastel pink evening dress from The Cruise collection, you can accessorize by either using white or nude as your statement piece. This also works best if you want to make your pastel gown stand out instead of being overpowered by other accessories.

Wear It According To Your Natural Colour

Pastels look amazing and exude a feminine touch. These are some of the reasons why everyone loves wearing dresses in these hues. In order for pastel colours to highlight your body and self, you have to consider its colours to go according to your natural skin and hair colour. Creamy hued pastels work well for girls who have darker skin while rich toned pastels are good for lighter skinned girls. However, these reasons should not hinder you from wearing any pastel colours but rather, learn to work on it so that these dresses can further enhance your natural beauty and make you even more confident.

Do Not Be Afraid To Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Remember, there are no rules in fashion. As long as you are comfortable with it, wear it. To know if a certain colour or look would fit you, spend some time trying on a variety of evening dresses. Never tried putting on a pastel blue dress? How about a floor length peach pink evening gown? The Cruise collection carries a lovely range of evening gowns in soft pastel colours like lavender, pastel turquoise, peach and sky blue. Step out of your comfort zone and explore these options as part of your evening gown selection!

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