Going Out Of The Box: 2019 Outdoor Wedding Trends

Going Out Of The Box: 2019 Outdoor Wedding Trends

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Outdoor weddings are so 2018 – and we still love it. They are classy, intimate, photogenic and easy to put together with the right décor. According to Pinterest, searches for “garden wedding” and “backyard wedding” rose up by 441 percent – so while most of us do not own a backyard to get hitched at, these trends don’t require one to use nature as your ultimate inspiration.

1. Mixing Up The Colour Palette With Bold Colours

Bold is indeed better in 2019, with brides straying away from the classic white and neutral colours and turning their attention towards more vibrant tones – Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2019 goes to pinky-orange Coral, an easy-to-match colour that will look effortless as part of any outdoor wedding. Even the bridesmaid are in on this trend – mix-and-match gowns allowing each and every girlfriend to shine in their own distinct way. The Galaxy collection houses some of the most vivid-coloured gowns in our bridal boutique in Singapore that will make any bride standout amidst Mother Nature.

2. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Sustainability is a huge consideration for the modern brides and grooms of today. Couples are starting to be more environmentally-aware when it comes to selecting their décor, centrepieces and bouquets. In fact, it’s fairly simple to implement – think locally-sourced ingredients, recycled paper as stationery, biodegradable confetti and paper straws that can save you a bit of cash, all while saving the earth at the same time.

3. Wedding Dresses For Rent

Brides are constantly looking for pocket-friendly alternatives when it comes to buying the perfect wedding gown. So whether it is a princess wedding gown rental or casual wedding dress rental in Singapore, you can be sure to find the latest designs on the runway in our bridal boutique – perfectly tailored to embrace both your body and personality.

4. Making A Statement With Bows

The cute and sweet bow is making a comeback this year – think oversized, structured bows garnering your full attention, with intricate lace detailing and a romantic off-the-shoulder neckline as seen in our Into The Wild Collection. Worried about the heat? Settle on a short bridal dress in Singapore instead, an equally stunning alternative for forest fairy-tale vibes. 

5. Balloons And Flower Garlands

In 2019, it’s all about losing the structure, and that includes your décor – imagine loose greenery as low, lush centrepieces on tables, balloons as wedding arches, a cascading flower wall and flower garlands taking over every nook and cranny of the local foliage. Even trees and dried flowers are making an appearance this time around – throw on a bunch of fairy-lights and lay scented candles wherever you can to complete your theme.

6. Taking The Indoors, Out

Essential to every outdoor wedding is the cosy factor – and what better way to amp it up than by bringing in your favourite vintage furniture pieces to the party? Throw in some sofas and your typical indoor furniture such as an antique dresser, loveseats, pillows, blankets and rattan chairs to add a hipster-chic area for guests to hang out. Finish the space with some rug runners that line the floor, allowing your guests to find their way around the rest of the wedding with ease. It can’t get any more bohemian than this, and your guests will feel at home before you even know it.