Get The Most Out Of Your First Wedding Gown Fitting

Get The Most Out Of Your First Wedding Gown Fitting

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Your first wedding dress fitting is often one of the most significant parts of the wedding planning process. Normally conducted 3 to 9 months before the actual ceremony, the purpose of a wedding gown fitting is to find the perfect fit for you, since most gowns aren’t typically made-to-measure. Whether you are looking for a wedding, engagement or dinner dress in Singapore– here is how to navigate your way through the large array of designs and styles available at our bridal studio!

What To Expect At Your First Wedding Gown Fitting

The first wedding gown fitting is all about getting to know your requirements for a highly personalized experience. This is the time to let our in-house gown consultants know the specific necklines, designs and any particular details that you would like seen on your dress. During the session, you will also have your measurements taken, so expect a few pins and adjustments here and there. A session usually takes up to an hour to an hour and a half, and you can expect to try on a few dresses to explore your options and select a few favorites.

Tip #1: Pinterest and Instagram For Research

It is always best to do your research prior to your first wedding gown fitting – even if you are just considering an evening gown rental. Off-the-rack wedding dresses aren’t for everyone, and if you have already set your eyes on certain elements from multiple dresses, this is the perfect time to voice it out to your gown consultant. Be specific about what you like and don’t like, bringing along your collection of images from Pinterest or Instagram. Consider every aspect of your dress like the silhouette, neckline and embellishments, going as far as your accessories and hairdo for the actual day.

Tip #2: Set A Budget

Many brides-to-be often get too enthusiastic with picking out their wedding dress that they forget to set aside a sum for the other accompanying elements of the gown such as the accessories, veil, shoes and cost of alterations. We recommend trying on dresses that fall within your budget – once again letting your gown consultants know right off the bat. The price of a brand-new wedding dress and couture gown rental can vary – a good rule of thumb to follow is that your wedding dress should ultimately make up 10 percent of your total wedding cost.

Tip #3: Do A Full Dress Rehearsal

If there is ever a point in time to over-prepare, it will have to be at your wedding gown fitting. It helps to bring along all your accessories such as shapewear, undergarments, heels and accessories that you plan to wear on the actual day. Try on everything together with your dress, including hairstyles as the slightest details can have an impact on the way your gown should be altered. Also important: practice walking around, sitting down, raising your hands and figuring out a bathroom plan in advance. It also won’t hurt to bust a few moves in our bridal studio as well!

Tip #4: Be As Honest As You Can

Critical to making the most out of your wedding gown fitting is not being afraid to voice out your opinions at any point of time. Your gown consultant and seamstress will be asking a ton of questions at the fitting, so the better you are at sharing your thoughts, the smoother the process will be. Be sure to bring along a list of burning questions that you have in mind – whether it be specific care instructions for your bridal gown or possible worst-case scenarios, complete with viable solutions. Dresses that incorporate intricate beading and lace embellishments may need extra attention, so be sure to take notes.

A Final Tip

The best wedding dress is more than just finding a design that is on-trend – finding one that fits your personality, accentuates the shape of your body and speaks to your heart is paramount. A good starting point is to find a silhouette dress that suits you best and go from there. If you are still unsure, our team of gown consultants will be there every step of the way to find the best fit for you.