“Get Me All Excited Again Over The Wedding”

“Get Me All Excited Again Over The Wedding”

According to the groom, it was the bride who made the decision to sign with Z Wedding after having met up with Chris Ling. Zhi Hui was convinced after she had seen the kind of quality and job being done at Chris Ling International Photographers, describing them as “exceptional”. She had browsed through the portfolio, noticing how natural the couples photographed looked, and admired how the “colours” and “themes were all very professionally crafted and designed”. Zhi Hui was also very impressed by the selection of bridal gowns at Z Wedding.

In addition, Zhi Hui had met with Chris Ling, the photographer himself, who was able to tell her the difference between other bridal studios and him. For the bride-to-be, one of her concerns was that other boutiques relied on freelance photographers. Not only will you not know who you are liaising with, it may also be hard to contact them sometimes. Most importantly for Zhi Hui, Chris Ling was able to “give (her) what (she) want(ed)”. Other photographers might be able to do what they are good at, but it may not be what you want.

Although the “pricing may be on the steep side”, Hang Wei believes that “it’s worth it because you get what you pay for”. After the couple did their pre-wedding photo shoot, they found the quality of what they saw to be “very good”. Furthermore, both of them appeared very natural in the photos, despite feeling very awkward in the studio at first. “The photographers did a very good job in guiding us.” The couple believes that as the wedding day is an occasion that happens once in a lifetime, any screw ups with photography will leave a bad mark. As a result, they feel that other couples should make the right choice and invest in a bridal boutique like Z Wedding.

The couple especially laud the services provided by Chris Ling and Z Wedding. Zhi Hui and Hang Wei were able to trust the staff to know their deadlines. “They are the ones who come to me instead of me pestering them all the time.” With the constant reminders about appointments, the couple truly felt that they were in good hands. Aside from the professionalism, the staff members showed a lot of empathy and offered emotional support to the bride and groom when they felt exhausted and stressed. “They (would) perk me up and cheer me up and get me all excited again over the wedding.” Zhi Hui recollected how she would be constantly reminded by the staff why she was doing this, that it was not for her parents but for herself. “The staff here made me think back: why I am getting married? Who is this for?” Although it was not part of their job scope, Zhi Hui was deeply appreciative of their professionalism and for taking really good care of them.

We are extremely glad to find out that the couple had made many good memories over the course of their wedding journey. At Z Wedding, we strive to help make the best moments of a wedding happen. With our collaboration with Chris Ling International Photographers, these amazing memories can be cherished for a lifetime. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.