Jia Quan and Caroline first came across Z Wedding at the Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS), being the second bridal shop the couple had visited. When the two of them sat down with Joey Ling, she talked to them about the concept of why the couple would want to choose a good bridal shop for their wedding, as opposed to hard-selling the brand of Z Wedding. Coupled with their collaboration with Chris Ling International Photographers, Jia Quan and Caroline were very tempted to choose Z Wedding from their visit to BOWS.

The most difficult part of the couple’s wedding experience would have to be the process of gowns selection. As Caroline did not know what she wanted, the couple was thankful for the presence of their gown consultant. She was thankful that her consultant was of utmost patience, and did not rush through the process. Jia Quan and Caroline believe that it is very important for the bride to be stress-free during the selection process so that she is able to get the appropriate wedding gown for the actual day.

When the couple had to do their pre-wedding photo-shoot, they were filled with feelings of excitement. However, they also felt a tinge of anxiousness as they did not know how to pose. Despite the fact that they were not professional models and lacked experience in taking photo shoots, Jia Quan and Caroline felt that their photographer did a good job of getting them into the situation almost immediately with comfortable ease. Their photo shoot experience may have been tiring, but Jia Quan and Caroline found it “fun and memorable” at the end of the day.

After having a pleasant experience with Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers, Jia Quan and Caroline found that the synergy between both teams was good. “From the start to the end, they provided great service.” Jia Quan highly encourages other grooms to be willing to pay for the service as the bridal services provided are worth it. Although the couple admits that the prices by Z Wedding and Chris Ling are slightly on the steep side, they would still recommend other couples who are in the midst of planning out their wedding to sign up for a package at Z Wedding.

At Z Wedding, we are honoured to have Jia Quan and Caroline provide such a flattering testimonial of the bridal services we have offered. By having our teamwork with the people from Chris Ling International Photographers, we strive to meet the needs of every couple that walks through our doors and deliver to them an ideal end product. Through this close combination, we aim to make couples feel and look good on their pre-wedding photo-shoot and on the actual day of their wedding. Our team of professionals have been in the industry for many years, having a number of awards and accolades under our belt, which has cumulated in our reputation in being one of Singapore’s leading bridal boutiques. Choose Z Wedding if you love her.