5 Tips to Consider When Planning Your Perfect Wedding

5 Tips to Consider When Planning Your Perfect Wedding

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Not sure where to start when planning for your big day? Truly, planning and preparing for your own wedding can be tedious and demanding but that is the beauty of it. The serenity of the whole celebration is rooted on the planning of your wedding. From budgeting your money to searching for the most beautiful wedding gown, these five tips will surely get you covered.

Be realistic

A wedding is a dreamy event and sometimes, you may go over-the-top with your preparations. You have to remember to take into consideration your budget allotted to the event. See the bigger picture and decide whether you want a grand wedding or a private ceremony to be attended by close friends and family members. This can help you set realistic goals that need to be met at the end of the whole planning period. For example, when choosing what kind of wedding you want to have—do you want a garden or the classic wedding venue? Deciding on the theme in the first phase of planning will save you time, energy, and money.

Determine your budget

Determining your budget is the most crucial step when organizing your wedding. You have to ask yourselves, “Is our budget enough for the venue we want and the number of guests we want?”. Most couples go over their budget due to poor planning. This results in the unnecessary addition of stress on the couple’s shoulders and you may end up spending more time sorting through your finances.

Know what you need

Make a list of the items that are necessary for the wedding followed by the other things that do not play a huge role in the event itself. After shortlisting your needs and wants, carefully go through each item on your “needs” list before acquiring those in the “wants” list. This way, you can save money from getting unnecessary things like the rental of a luxury wedding car that you cannot afford. If you are unsure of what is necessary in a wedding, consult the professionals in your bridal boutique as they have vast experiences in this area.

Don’t act out of impulse

With the excitement that comes with a wedding, you may end up being impulsive with regards to the decisions you make about your wedding preparations. Always take a step back and weigh out your options before making decisions on your venues, food choices, and wedding dresses. Do not make any choices on impulse! More often than not, being impulsive will result in you spending more than what you originally planned for.

Take one step at a time

Do not undertake all the responsibilities alone and all at once. Write down what you need to do for your preparations and set a schedule for yourself. It can feel overwhelming when you have so much to do and seemingly very little time for them. This will end up making you too stressed and unproductive! Slowly take a deep breath and re-think what should be done first. Do one errand or task at a time, and you will be surprised at how it will be more efficient and time-saving.

These are some essential and helpful tips when planning your wedding. Do not be too stressed about the preparations, your wedding is an adventure! From going for various food tasting to exploring the bridal shops in Singapore, you are in for a great experience.