Five Things that Brides Often Worry About Their Wedding Dress

Five Things that Brides Often Worry About Their Wedding Dress

It is finally the day you have always dreamed of. No doubt you are very excited to wear that magical wedding gown you chose after painstakingly searching through endless bridal shops in singapore.

Making the major decision of selecting your wedding gown was not easy. You probably spent hours browsing online and in shops to find the ideal wedding dress. However, it is inevitable that you may encounter some issues or some concerns, such as how you can rock your ensemble and look flawless throughout the entire wedding ceremony.

If you arm yourself with the correct knowledge and some helpful must-haves on the day of your wedding, you can easily avoid small disasters like getting food stains on your gown. To help you be at ease, we have gathered five of the most common things worries for brides and five fool-proof ways to keep you and your gown looking divine and immaculate throughout the ceremony—and hopefully even to the after party.

Probably the most common problem encountered by brides is stains on their wedding gowns. With all the events transpiring in the ceremony, especially during the reception, you or anyone else can easily spill something on your wedding dress, leaving an ugly blemish for the world to see. To always keep yourself looking fresh and dirt-free, it is best to keep some wet tissue inside your purse. Wet tissues can handle most types of spilt food and are better than normal tissues in preventing and getting rid of stains.

Tripping On Your Wedding Gown
Of course, you are nervous. It is only natural to feel as if your legs are shaking and on the verge of collapse. Dresses with long trains, such as those from Z Wedding’s A Wander in Woods collection, could be tricky to navigate with wobbly legs. As cliché, as it may sound, calming yourself before strutting down the aisle, is the best thing that you can do. Take a few deep breaths before the door to the altar opens. Keeping your train and gown within the right length can make it almost impossible to trip, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your wedding.

Ripping A Part Of Your Wedding Gown
Wedding ceremonies demand you constantly move around. There may be instances where a part of your wedding gown rips or gets torn down by force due to movement. Channel your inner girl scout and tuck in a small sewing kit inside your purse. You will never know when or how this kit will come in handy.

Runs In The Fabric
If you accidentally step on your gown and a run begins to form, fear not as you can avoid that. Before heading over to the church or ceremony, have a small bottle of clear nail polish on hand. Clear nail polish is a fool-proof tool that helps keep the fabric from tearing completely. It is a bride’s best friend against fabric-related disasters on her wedding day.

Too Long A Train
Long trains look extravagant and make you feel like a princess. The only downside of having a long train is that it definitely will restrict your movement in some way or another. What you can do is to either keep your train within the right length or have someone to assist you in holding it whenever you are moving—especially when you want to have a short bathroom break.

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