“It’s the first time i see her being so happy with whatever she sees”

“It’s the first time i see her being so happy with whatever she sees”

One of the crucial factors that encouraged Zhao Liang and Carmen to join our bridal shop was the first interaction they had with our team member when they first approached us. Carmen was impressed by how our consultant could simply observe her facial features and immediately suggest ways to complement them. “I thought he was really very professional, he could see straight away that my eyes are more downward sloping and he could tell me that I would need how many eyelashes to make it perk up and all that, so I was pretty impressed.” He also let Carmen try on her first wedding gown which, to her joy, was already something she liked.

For Zhao Liang, what spurred him on to sign the package was the happiness he saw on his bride-to-be’s face when she tried on her gowns. “It is the first time I see her being so happy with whatever she sees.” To him, seeing Carmen happy was the most important thing. He was very contented to see her eyes light up when she tried on her first wedding gown and thought that the productive conversation with their consultant helped reassure them about their choice.

Carmen got a chance to have a glimpse of what the indoor photo studio was like and was attracted by the photos she saw in the photo album sample, especially by the wide range of set-ups that she could choose from. She was also very appreciative of her gown consultant whom she thought was very patient and could competently choose the perfect evening gowns for her. Zhao Liang agreed that he saw much professionalism displayed by her and was impressed that they were already delighted with the first wedding gown she selected for Carmen.

Zhao Liang and Carmen was a couple that came with a plan. Before the pre wedding photoshoot, they made efforts to prepare powerpoint slides about what hairstyles and photograph styles they wanted. Carmen even brought her accessories and was very grateful that her hairstylist could come up with different hairstyles to suit them. When they showed their powerpoint slides to their photographer, they were also satisfied with his response. Carmen commends that “(He) was also very patient. After we showed him the powerpoint, he managed to find the perfect blend of the styles that we like and also with his own professionalisms and suggestions.” The couple was delighted with the results.

Zhao Liang really appreciated their photographer’s efforts to help them fulfil what Carmen had planned out with all her hard work. “He guides us step by step throughout the way, he even made a trip and brought us to get the accessories and the balloons even though we were running late. So I think that really shows another side of him that we really appreciate,” He was very thankful for the Chris Ling International Photographers Team who tried to understand their story and put it into an album that represents the journey that they had. He liked that Chris Ling International Photographers was different from the other studios, instead of taking individual shots, they could frame different photos together to form a story. “We are dating for 8 years already and the 8-years journey was nicely represented through photographs, I think it’s better than any words or video that we can do on our own.”

Their experience at Z Wedding provided them with great satisfaction and the partnership between Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers offered something different, something that they have not seen in the market. They were thankful to have found a place that can allow couples like them who have had a long dating history to have an avenue to capture their memories beautifully. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.