Finding Your Best Matching Dinner Dress Colours in Singapore

Finding Your Best Matching Dinner Dress Colours in Singapore

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When there is an opportunity to doll ourselves up, to feel feminine and beautiful, we can find ourselves lost and confused on what colour to wear. After all, scientists say there are around 10 million visible colours!

To provide an insight into this conundrum, this article will look at what each dinner dress colour signifies, and how you can go about choosing a colour for your dinner or evening dress in Singapore.

We’ll start by looking at some of the most popular colours, what they signify and what they convey to your date or fellow guests.


Wedding dresses are white for a reason: this unblemished colour symbolises purity, innocence and simplicity. It also indicates that your personality leans toward clarity, cleanliness and honesty.


Black is the colour of leadership, authority and elegance. A timeless colour, black used to be reserved for funerals, but can now be worn for all events and occasions.


The colour of love, red represents our most intense emotions and feelings. It shows a preference to live life to the fullest, vibrancy, confidence, passion, aggression and even outspokenness!


Blue shades represent intelligence, confidence and power. Blue is one of the most powerful and popular colours around, and also indicates an unwavering loyalty. It also soothes and calms those around you.


Green is, unquestionably, one of the most soothing and refreshing colours in the spectrum of dinner dress colours. It’s the colour of Mother Nature, and paints a caring, diplomatic person who is organised and usually well liked.

Choosing a Colour

Symbolism and personal preferences aside, here is an objective way to find the right colour for your dinner dress as you looking among Singapore’s best bridal boutiques.

Knowing your own skin tone is the crux to the entire equation. There are 3 main skin tones: warm, cool or neutral.

To find out your skin tone, there are 2 simple steps to perform. First, look at the underside of your forearm. This strip of skin is usually well protected from the sun and reflects your natural tone. Under natural light, hold a plain white piece of paper against your skin and check how it looks.

If it appears yellow, green or brown, that indicates a warm skin tone. Rosiness, a bluish tinge or pink shades means you are likely to have a cool skin tone. Grey or ash skin shows a neutral tone.

The second test is by looking at your veins in the wrist and palm. Green veins indicate warm skin, while bluish or purple veins show coolness. If it’s hard to tell, you most likely have a neutral tone.

For those with warmer skin tones, natural, earthy colours like red, yellow or green, amber and gold are the best matches, as they complement the warmth of your skin. Sharp or chilly colours can cause your skin to look grey and dull.

Cooler skin tones should veer towards colours inspired by the ocean or Scandinavian winters. Bright blue, a clear emerald, ice blue and pink all look amazing with cool skin tones. Strong, warm colours like orange and red should be avoided.

Neutral skin tones are, predictably, compatible with most colours. However, softer colours, like baby blue or off-whites, best match neutral skin tones.

The next time you need a dinner dress, check your skin tone and keep it in mind when deciding on a colour. The best bridal boutiques and dress rentals in Singapore will stock a large collection of dresses in a wide range of colours, allowing you to find the one that complements you best.