Finding an Engagement Dress: A Short Guide

Finding an Engagement Dress: A Short Guide


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In the buzz of planning a wedding, or the heart-stopping elation of a proposal, we can often forget to celebrate our engagement at all. Instead of showing off our shiny new engagement ring with song and dance, celebrations are restricted to a few drinks or a Sunday brunch.

An engagement party, then, is undoubtedly the best way to celebrate your new status as a bride-to-be. It represents the perfectly balanced middle ground of the giddy excitement of a proposal and the festivities of a wedding, minus the nerve-wracking formality and dense web of wedding etiquette.

Throwing an engagement party gives you and your closest friends the chance to let loose and fully celebrate a happy engagement. For a proper engagement party, you’ll need the correct engagement dress.

If this is your first time hearing of an engagement dress, fret not! You can find them at Singapore’s best bridal boutiques. This article will guide you through the general rules to picking an engagement dress.

In terms of a wedding timeline, an engagement party takes place between the proposal and the actual wedding. Stylistically, it also sits within this region: you have the chance to dress up without having to worry about the endless considerations that come with wedding dresses. You have a huge choice of dresses, skirts, or even jumpsuits to choose from!


Wedding dresses are almost always white, and most brides choose to stick to the traditional choice for their engagement party. A white dress works perfectly for a quintessential bridal look, and it’ll keep you firmly in the spotlight though out the night.

But you’re not limited to wearing white! Why not experiment with flashier or bolder colours to inject your own distinct style and character into your outfit.

You’re the main star of the party after all, and you can wear whatever you like. The only caveat is the expectation that you’re the best dressed for the night. Lighter summer colours are great for a more casual daytime party. For a nighttime cocktail party, or even a dressier party at your new home, darker colours set the tone for a more formal party.


Prints are a great way for you to inject some colour and personality to your engagement party dress. It’s also a fantastic way to help you stand out without looking like you’ve put too much effort into your outfit. Take advantage of the fact that you’re not limited to a plain wedding dress. A printed number will stand out among all the dresses at your engagement party.

Printed cotton dresses suit breezy and energetic afternoon engagement parties to a tee. If your engagement party is taking place after hours, a printed silk dress would be the more appropriate choice.

Non-Traditional Outfits

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times, engagement parties are about having fun and expressing yourself. If you’re eyeing an outfit from way out of left field, go for it!

Turning up in pants and a top, or a stylish jumpsuit, works perfectly at an engagement party. The only thing you must be mindful of is looking as stylish and dressed to the same formality as the rest of your guests.

Engagement parties celebrate a momentous event in your life. It’s a celebration, so wear whatever feels good to you. You can find the best engagement dresses in bridal boutiques in Singapore, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the many designs and styles.